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, Virginia
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, Virginia
188,108 Miles
Last Modified March 17, 2023

Here’s our 1985 Ford E150- Old Faithful!

Old faithful has been one of the greatest adventures in our lives to date. From gutting it to rebuilding it to a dream road trip out West. We absolutely love this van but unfortunately we don’t have a need for it or the space anymore. We are hoping someone with the same passion of travel will scoop this up and call it their own and take it on amazing adventures.

It’s a very basic interior. We didn’t need more; we wanted to do more with less. It has a lot storage, blanket rack with a cabinet on the bottom and a small kitchen area where we kept all our food in a bin underneath. Everything in the pictures comes with it. The cushions are custom fit, memory foam. You can leave them on top or take them off and make the entire floor your bed!

Overall this van runs great. We put a lot into it to make sure it would be safe and reliable on our trip. Here’s a list of repairs/maint. we had done:
– New Starter
– New King Pins
– New Tie Rods
– Rebuilt Rear Differential
– Fuel Line replaced
– Rebuilt Carburetor
– Replaced front window motors
– New Front and Rear shocks
– New Front shock absorber and coil springs
– New Master Cylinder
– New Brake Fluid
– New Steering Gear
– New Transmission Output Seal
– New Leaf Springs

On top of major repairs, we also kept up with all oil changes and regular maintenance.

– Rear tail lights short out when fuse is replaced (not sure the problem but all other lights function, i.e. brake, turn signal, backup)
– Brake booster was replaced but causes brakes to be touchy. It either needs a new booster or check valve
– Small leak on the back door, it just needs the seal replaced
– Crack on windshield
– We had the rear A/C unit taken out and they temporarily rigged the hose to the front. We didn’t need the A/C but if you choose to use it, it’ll need fixed.

Our asking price is $7,500.00 OBO. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions you have.

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