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Los Angeles
, California
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Los Angeles
, California
198,000 Miles
Last Modified January 1, 2023


You won’t find a more comprehensive build, all the best features combined with hand crafted finishes.  This painstaking build was completed over the course of the pandemic and the results are phenomenal.  Go anywhere, anytime, and enjoy the freedom that living fully off-the-grid provides.

I started with an amazing platform and then went through the vehicle and engineered and upgraded virtually everything.
The result is a turn key beast capable of traversing the back trails with the style of a contemporary craftsman home.

This Collins coach sits on a 1998 E450 with a notorious 7.3 powerstroke diesel million-mile motor (under 200k miles). Title status: clean / transmission: automatic.
Originally commissioned for a school in Colorado Springs. 24 ft bumper to bumper, 10’2” to the height point of the luggage rack up top.
Surface rust here and there underneath (nothing out of the ordinary) but no structural or serious rust. Bus is in EXCELLENT condition.

Vehicle Maintenance:
Always full synthetic oil changes. All new led brake/blinker lights. New led headlights.
All new glow plugs, new air filter assembly and air filters, coolant flush, and thermostat have all been replaced.
New shock absorbers and breaks. New fan blower motor. Exhaust, boost & trans temp gauges.

Custom A/C retrofitted for driving on hot days (the original build DID NOT come with A/C!)
Drivers seat has been changed out with a comfortable Honda mini van seat.
Entryway stairs have been replaced. Backup cam with recoding that’ll save hard impacts.

Raptor liner paint job. BF Goodrich all terrain TA Ko2 tires. Rear window security grates.
Professionally-welded 16 garage steel frame on roof with firewood/storage rack.
Red wood decking. Propane fire pit with fire place style key to adjust flame height.
Four pole inserts so you can put two hammocks up and star gaze with the warmth of the fire.
Outlet on back side of bus. Back porch led 12 v light.

Living Room:
Couch that lifts with gas shocks to access battery bank and minor storage.
Pulls out into bed so you can have a couple guests stay with you.
Dual Maxxair fans with remotes / custom magnetic covers.
Lagun swivel table with two mounting options. Custom pull-out dog bowls.
Fan mounted below bed to keep your dog nice and cool.
Custom bookshelf with understated copper piping.
Victron energy power monitor to gauge exactly how much power you are using—and on what.
Water level gauges for both holding and gray-water tanks so you always know when to full up / empty tanks.
Privacy curtain on understated copper rod. White Honeycomb blackout shades and Limousine tinted windows throughout.

Classic, floor-to-ceiling fridge & freezer by Unique; definitely the centerpiece of the interior.
Full length pullout pantry for all your food storage needs.
A 1000W Toshiba 4-in-1 Microwave oven: smart sensor, convection, air fryer combo.
Deep stainless steel sink with pull down faucet. Maple butcher block counter top.
Two head level cabinets. Draws and cupboards for sink area are all on soft close hardware.
A custom slot for your Berkey water filtration unit.

Bathroom / Shower:
Dome skylight allows extra headroom and for natural light to paint the earth-toned tile walls.
Nautilus self-cleaning door. Natures Head compost toilet with built in fan that exhausts to outside.
High Sierra’s Low Flow 1.5 GPM Shower Head with Slip-Free Grip.
1/2 pex pipe with shark bite fittings. Shurflow water pump, with inline filter. Shurflow accumulator.
46 gallon water tank (that empties into a 46 gallon grey water holding tank beneath bus)

Custom-fitted memoryfoam mattress (roughly Queen).
Led strip lighting in shelves and a 12v led lamp fixture.
12 volt dc 360° rotating fan above head.
Dual shelving for clothing. Another custom bookshelf with understated copper piping.

Heat & Cooling:
Ceiling has 1 1/2” foam with a 1/2” thermal break. Walls have 5” of denim insulation.
Floor has a thin vapor barrier insulation with maple floors.
Roof top mounted Coleman Mach series air conditioner with heat strip (must be ran off generator or shore power).
Brand new Webasto Dual Top ST6 heater kit that pulls diesel straight from the bus’s fuel tank for piping hot showers and heating air.
Cubic grizzly mini wood burning stove (18,000 BTUs).

Solar/Power Setup:
Two 300 watt monocrystaline solar panels 600 watts total.
6 100Ah Battle Born Lithium batteries.
Victron 3000W 12V Quattro Inverter Charger. Victron 100/50 MPPT Charge Controller.
Victron Solenoid to regulate charging from the alternator to the batteries.
Victron DC to DC Orion Charger allows battery bank charging when you’re driving.
Victron Lynx Power In. Victron BMV-712. Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC charger. Cerbo GX.
Traditional Metal DC Panel circuit breaker (a major upgrade): one “main breaker” can turn off ALL breakers.
Expansion: It has slots for more breakers/fuses, so if you want to add to your overall system, this box will enable growth.
30 amp shore power plug. (Allows you to simultaneously provide power to the entire build while also charging the coach batteries)
90% of everything is on 3 way switches so you can control from. Plenty of power outlets wherever you’d need.

TONS of storage space. Brand new EU2200i Honda generator and gas canister.

Must see in person.  Pictures cannot properly capture the rugged elegance. This is a labor of love, almost $200,000 invested.

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