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, Georgia
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, Georgia
100,000 Miles
Last Modified February 27, 2023

Camper van
If it’s still listed it’s still available!
This classic van is in great working order and is quite unique! You won’t see many like it in your travels. It’s a 1991 Ford e150 Econoline that has been converted into a camper. My son is 6′ and can easily stand up inside.
This beast is supporting two solar panels that supply ample energy to 4 new deep cycle batteries in the battery box, located outside on the driver’s side. These batteries are sufficient to charge whatever you need to charge and to keep the renology style ceiling fan running all night/day as well.
There is a converter and inverter so there are regular wall sockets inside, and the van can also be hooked up to shore power via an extension cord as well, to provide as much power as you might want, and to run the ac unit in the back.
The batteries can also be charged through the alternator if you have the van running.
The bed is quite comfy, and comes with the mattress, or you can change it out if you want to use your own mattress.
There is a ton of storage space in this bad boy-above the front cab (accessible from inside) is a closet space, as well as an under bed garage, and cabinets under the sink, as well as two cabinets above the bed.
In the under bed garage, there is ample space for a propane tank to feed the stove top and enough room to load it full of your adventure gear!
As for how the van runs: when I bought it it had about 90,000 miles on a new engine, and I added less than 7,000 miles to it during my ownership. I have a record of those trips. The instrument cluster has been changed so we have to ballpark the mileage.
The entire suspension was pretty much brand new when I bought it in 2020. Meaning both the main suspension as well as the kingpins (secondary). The starter, solenoid and electrical harness were all new when I bought it and recently installed. The previous owner had installed an entire new front brake system (rotors, calipers, etc.) so the van is totally ready for the next adventure.
I installed a rebuilt transmission in 2020. I recently took it to my local mechanic for a once over.
It has a fresh water tank that feeds the sink with an electrical pump, and a grey water tank.
The ceiling and backsplash have been painted white (instead of the colorful backsplash and decopauge ceiling) so that you can customize to fit your taste. I will send a video if you request.
The side back door and the back door need to have the internal mechanisms replaced. I am told that as these parts age, there is a plastic piece that disintegrates, which has happened, and the doors won’t open from the inside. I am told this is an easy fix, and am pricing it accordingly.
There is a dent on the side of the van that you can see in the photo, and although I had it painted in 2020, the paint does have some dings.
Tires are probably good for a while.
The ceiling fan did not come right on yesterday when I turned it on. After a few mins it started right up. I have lowered the price to reflect this and the issues with the doors.
The odometer and speedometer do not function, we just keep track of the miles from our trips, and use WAZE for tracking our speed.
The ac does not work, however we installed a window unit in the back that runs off of shore power.
Van has speakers mounted in the rear which sound magnificent, and the stereo will operate via bluetooth with your phone. There is an outdoor light on the side you can turn on from inside the van, really convenient if you hear a noise outside at night and want to investigate without opening doors, or if you want to light up your outdoor camp area.
We added a window unit to the top above the bed which runs off of shore power. It can also be run off of a gas generator. I run it off of my Honda gas gen and it works great.

Only selling because I have three kids and need extra seating so we can all travel together! Text 770-789-0847 with questions or to arrange a showing. I will not respond to “Is this available”, if it’s here, it is.

Link to current video of white backsplash and ceiling.

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