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, Nevada
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, Nevada
196,000 Miles
Last Modified May 24, 2023

This sale is pending. A deposit has been made and the final purchase is scheduled for mid to late May. I will officially remove the ad once the final payment has been made.

Meet Moby! Our campervan conversion has taken us to some fantastic places. We are in the process of building a house and will not be traveling for a while. We purchased Moby at the start of the pandemic when many were forced to work from home, built him out, and hit the road. We worked full-time from the van all over the west coast. With 220 watts of solar on the roof and a 1000-watt inverter, we had no problem powering two laptops, an external monitor, 6 pack mini fridge, and charging of various small electronics. The pullout bed is a little smaller than a queen and has ample storage underneath. We have taken Moby in the snow (fully insulated), up mountains, and off-road with no problems. One of us is 6′ 4″ and while not able to stand has not had any problems.

Link to youtube for a video walkthrough of Moby.

Interior height is 5′ 2″ (157.5cm)
Entire Van has been looked over by a good mechanic and has been given an outstanding bill of health

220 Watts Solar
1000 Watt Inverter
Battery isolator with jumpstart capabilities to the auxiliary battery.
155 Amp Hour Battery
15|75 Victron Bluetooth charge controller (monitor the whole system from your phone)
Added a leaf to rear leaf springs
New coiled rear shocks
New front shocks
Added Sumo Shocks to front
Blackout insulated window covers
20 Gallen stainless steel water jug.
Stainless steel sink
spray foam insulation in walls and ceiling
Variable speed Maxfan in the roof
Extremely durable 6-ply tires (about 5000 miles on them)
AC was fully serviced summer before Last
New serpentine belt, idler, and tensioner pulleys
New sparkplugs, cap, router, and wires
New engine mounts and all oil seals were redone

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