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Los Angeles / San Diego
, California
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Los Angeles / San Diego
, California
97,000 Miles
Last Modified December 16, 2022

1996 Ford Econoline E-350


If you see the offer, the van is not sold !

The best Christmas gift 🎁

We are selling our van as soon as possible in Los Angeles or San Diego.
Contact us now to arrange an appointment.

It’s a 1996 Van Ford E-350 V8 5.8L.
Mileage: 97,000
Texas registration, for sale in California, SMOG check ✅

We are a French couple, we traveled for 1 year in this van across North America, it is a faithful companion.
Now is the time to part with it and return to France.

We lived 365 days in this van, it’s PERFECT for vanlife. It has all the necessary equipment.
We bought it fully equipped.

Below are many details:

Engine :
SMOG check.
Oil changes at 94,000
New radiator
No engine failures during our year.
Brakes changed 8 months ago

19′ long, 8’10” high.
Beautiful shockproof green paint
LED bar for large lighting
Tinted glass. We are almost invisible when we are inside.
Air vent for the evacuation of a portable air conditioner (not supplied)
Tire in good condition.
No rust.

Water :
20 gallon clear water tank under the van to be filled with a hose.
This tank supplies a tap in the “kitchen” part and a shower thanks to electric pumps.
No water heater.
Gray water tank under the van collects used water from the kitchen and shower.
Monitor in the van to know the amount of clear water and gray water.

Electricity :
2 solar panels of 195W each.
New battery 12V 250HA
1500 watt pure sine converter
The battery is powered by the solar panels and by the alternator when driving.
Possibility of recharging the battery from outside the van using a mains socket.
Several 120V outlets and several USB outlets inside.
Battery control monitor and solar panels in the van.

Air conditioning
Speed ​​regulator
Overdrive function
2 seats in the front, the passenger seat flips over.
Bench 2 people which folds up. (So ​​possibility to sit 4 people)
Ceiling height 5.8 feet approximately. Lucas is 5.9 feet tall and he hasn’t been bothered at all.

Interior equipment:
Complete insulation.
Waterproof vinyl floor.
Refrigerator powered by 120V.
Portable chemical toilet.
Shower cabin with curtain.
Electric ceiling ventilation.
Propane cooktop.
TV powered by 120V with tilt arm.
Bluetooth sound bar.
4 LED ceiling lights. (including 1 above the bed), controllable via two separate switches.
Bed of 5’8” x 3’2” unfoldable in bed of 6’2” x 3’9”
Lots of storage (above the bed + above the driver + next to the refrigerator + 3 high cupboards + under the sink + several small storage spaces in the kitchen + under the bed)

Small equipment provided in the van:
Smoke and carbon dioxide detector
Small tool box
Electric saw
Kitchen equipment (saucepan, frying pan, plates, cutlery…)
2 foldable chairs
2 foldable stools
1 foldable table
1 small barbecue
Several plastic storage boxes (4 large and 4 small)
A first aid kit.
1 small Walmart tent + a Walmart inflatable mattress.
Duvet, sheets, pillows, towels.
Insulating foams serve as a curtain for sleeping in the dark and insulated from heat/cold.
Mosquito net for the bed.

The minor flaws that didn’t bother us:
– 2 small impacts on the windshield smaller than a 25ct coin. They didn’t grow during our year.
– clear water flows a little when the tank is full
– gray water runs a little bit before it gets to the tank (easily fixable, just a leaking hose connection outside the van)
– the passenger door does not open with the key but only from the inside. The other 3 ports work.
– We lowered the price (19800$ to 18000$) because the Check engine sometimes appears but we passed the Smog Check despite this light. The mechanics did not find any faults and assume that it is a simple electrical problem.

We loved this van, it’s heartbreaking to part with it but it’s too complicated to bring it back to France. We have taken really good care of him, it is in great condition and we are looking for someone who will take good care of him.

The mechanic we saw for the SMOG told us that the engine was in great condition and that the van still had many good years ahead of it, especially since it has not a lot of miles.

Payment in one time via the WISE application (in order to send us the money to our French account). Transfer costs at our expense.
Very safe application that the CHASE bank advised us on our arrival. We bought the van thanks to WISE, it’s very simple.

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