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Las Vegas
, Nevada
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Las Vegas
, Nevada
171,000 Miles
Last Modified November 8, 2023

Whether you’re new or a seasoned vet to van life, here is a list of things you can expect from this camper van Econoline converted home on wheels:

-Beautifully taken care of, maintained regularly, and V8 engine runs very smoothly
-Clean title in hand and currently insured
-Recently passed smog
-Viper alarm installed
-Remote start capabilities to preheat/cooled off by the time you get in
-A/C blows very cold and works wonderfully
-BRAND NEW all terrain tires, and just got an alignment
-Futon style foam bed which converts on tracks out from seats to a bed that sleeps two comfortably with built-in under storage.
-Victron Connect app monitored solar setup, and power inverter – WITH installed roof solar and outlet with two large capacity lithium batteries and Bluetooth connection monitoring for all your off grid needs!
The solar includes 1 solar panel, a Victron Energy blue power MultiPlus Compact two in one inverter and charger that’s 12v 2000va, 80amp, AC transfer capacity 1x50A inverter 120v, (over 1.07k retail alone that the specs can be found here:
a SmartSolar charge with Bluetooth capabilities (retails for over $200) MPPT 100|30
The batteries are TWO Battle Born LiFePO4 Batteries Lithium12v 100amp hour batteries, one alone sells for over $900 each
And it comes with the VE.Bus Smart Dongle that also plugs into shore power in addition to the solar input.
-Shore power plugin, and shore power cable included with purchase
-Indel B brand refrigerator/freezer
-Auxiliary heat! Diesel powered heater so you can stay toasty regardless of if the engine is on in the winter
-Passenger captain’s swivel chair installed to allow for extra functional seating when parked, and fold up table for extra comfort and countertop space next to the sink.
-Beautifully custom made wood resin countertops, hammered finish metal sink, new Vfauosit brand faucet with electric pump and 5 gal greywater holding tank thats easy to access for filling/emptying.
-Tons of different spots to store all your gear, food, tools, etc. including an ottoman for extra mobile seating and storage inside.
-Attached custom built roof rack to accomodate around the remote controlled roof fan, including a ladder, extra waterproof storage bag, and All Top Overland Equipment brand retractable shade awning, and trail lights (they still need to be hooked up but that’s an easy electrical fix).
-Insulated window covers included with purchase
-Automatic remote powered AIRXCEL brand vent fan
-Power windows and doors with legally dark UV blocking tint.
-Insulated laminate flooring
-Stealth stored camping toilet fitted with custom under back counter space included with purchase, I haven’t even used it yet.
-Blackout curtains that hang up to separate cab from the driving area included for extra privacy while in the back
-Winter tire chains included with purchase

Thanks for your time and looking forward to meeting you soon!

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