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, Florida
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, Florida
149,941 Miles
Last Modified February 10, 2022

NADA Guide Average Retail: $26,450
NADA Guide Low Retail: $21,950

Estimated costs for remediating notable known issues via professional RV repair:
* $907 for a new fridge, including installation
* $200 to clean out generator lines, etc
* OR up to $3K for new generator + installation
I think everything else is pretty good. Any weaknesses on this vehicle are nothing more than to be expected of a 20 year-old RV. Hence our asking price below NADA Low Retail seems reasonable.

Features of this model in general:
* Seats 7 (legally, with belts)
* Sleeps 2 (rear bench seats easily convert to double sized bed in seconds)
* VW VR6 engine; 140HP
* 3,000 lbs. towing
* Front driver and passenger seats swivel 180 degrees to face the rear of the coach
* Toilet closet expands into bathroom with fold-down sink, shower
* Also has outside/outdoor shower nozzle
* Propane heater; 4 gal hot water heater
* 20 gal, fresh water tank
* 13 gal, blackwater tank
* 9 gal greywater tank
* 7 gal propane tank

Particular strengths of this particular vehicle:
* Engine works great; no mechanical problems in recent check-up
* Drives well: Good alignment, cruise-control, shifting, brakes
* Clean interior and respectable exterior, IMO
* No leaks; no water damage
* Solar panel on top can help recharge coach batteries when not on shore power
* Has recently traveled across US with no problems
* Great tread on tires
* New engine battery
* Has oven (optional feature for this model)

Known cons/weaknesses/issues with this particular vehicle:
* The fridge has two issues: (1) A problem with the propane igniter switch requires manual lighting of pilot from external panel (while parked); (2) Regardless of running on electric or propane, the fridge doesn’t always get cold. I’m told it appears to have an “internal electrical fault” and that the fridge unit itself may just need to be replaced
* The generator, though fixed this summer, is now again not sustaining
* “Check engine” light remains lit on the dashboard; mechanic has checked it and says everything is OK; we can arrange for a serious buyer to check with their own mechanic as desired
* While the awning can be opened (see pictures), two parts of the arm mechanism are broken so that some care is required when opening and closing
* Coach door lock doesn’t work

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