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, Texas
Van 4
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, Texas
238,000 Miles
Last Modified March 1, 2022

Hi there. We’re lowering the price to $35,000 because we would like to sell this week. We’re doing showings (in person and virtual) starting on Thursday. Private message to setup a time.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, functional van at an accessible price point, this is it.

Cash, money order, or cashier’s check.

This beautiful van was originally created by Richmond and Juliana of “Home Sweet Van”. If you would like to learn more about this van’s creation and travels, you can find it here:

-140″ wheelbase
-High roof
-238,000 miles, however, brand new transmission installed 1,000 miles ago by Mercedez-Benz Dealership in Georgetown
-New battery installed by Mercedez-Benz Dealership in Georgetown
-New deep-cycle marine battery that charges from solar and/or alternator
-New windshield professionally installed by Pro Glass in Georgetown

-The van has been well taken care of. Oil changes at regular intervals.

-This has the low-maintenance exhaust system featured in Sprinters produced from 1994-2006. It burns low-sulfur diesel and ultra-low-sulfur diesel, which means that it can travel into South America.

-2003-2013, it was owned and regularly maintained by Lithia Toyota Scion of Grand Forks, ND. It received regular fleet maintenance during this time.

-The woodwork inside is unique – it has a sealed wooden kitchen counter with gold and black accents.

-BIG sink with extending faucet that’s pump-powered.

-3 water tanks sit under the sink – 2 for clean water that feed the faucet and one for greywater that drains from the sink.

-The bed lowers on top of the benches to reveal a queen-size mattress.

-Includes extras like paint, primer, fix-a-flat, weather strips, fuses, extension cables, and more.

I pulled a Carfax report for you.

The following maintenance history comes from paper records (that come with the van). Significant services and updates were performed in 2016 in order to pass California Inspection:

-Replaced EGR Valve (2015)
-Computer Diagnostic Printout (2015)
-Tire Replacement (2015)
-Oil and Filter Replacement (2016)
-Multi Point Inspection, ABS Sensor Pick-Up, Serpentine Belt Replacement, Rear Brake Proportioning Lever (2016)
-Replaced ABS Sensor, Service Transmission, Replace Proportioning Belt (2016)
-Full Service Oil Change (2016)
-Full Service Oil Change (2016)
-CA Smog Inspection (2016)
-Exhaust System Check (2016)
-Replaced Catalytic Converter (2016)
-Passed California Smog Inspection (2016)
-Replaced Ignition Tumbler and Exhaust Bracket (2017)
-2 Carfax Reports (No accidents/other damage reported) (2017)
-Oil Change (2017)
-Brakes Tested/Replaced/Repaired (2017)
-Replaced Mass Airflow Sensor, Glow Plug Module, and Glow Plugs
-Replaced Battery (2018)
-Oil Change, Fuel Filter Replaced, and Full Diagnostic – No Codes Received. (2018)

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