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, Tennessee
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, Tennessee
104,855 Miles
Last Modified May 1, 2022

Are you ready to start your adventure? Stevie Ray Van is ready to hit the road.

Stevie Ray comes fully equipped with a memory foam full mattress, 2 burner cookstove, a sink with 5.5 gallon water intake and 5.5 gallon gray water containment, footpump activated flow, blackout curtains and window covers, and a window A/C unit in the back powered by a portable battery charged by 200W solar on the roof.

Did I mention there is tons of storage? Under the bed, cubbies next to the bed, and a compartment above the driver section means this bad boy has room enough for you to pack for all environments (full-year roadtrip, anyone?) or plenty of space for all the belongings of two adventurers headed out on the road together.

All the walls and ceiling are insulated with Reflectex, fiberglass cotton, and a vapor seal, all covered up with stained and sealed birch plywood. The interior height is about 5’5″, so while a 6’1″ guy like myself couldn’t stand up fully inside, I can sit up on the mattress without any need to slouch (remote workspace, anyone?) Whether cozying up in bed reading a book, or lighting up the place while cooking dinner, battery-powered, remote-operated lights in the home area of the cabin provide you ample and exact light for any situation.

He’s got everything you need for some good, off-grid livin’ and with only 104,855 miles under his belt he’s got plenty of roadway ahead of him. Wish I could stay in this beautiful thing longer, but my adventure is leading me elsewhere. Looking for someone else with a good heart and adventurous soul to take him on his next grand adventure.

If you’ve got any questions or want to come take a look, reach out and ask away!

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