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, Georgia
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, Georgia
183,000 Miles
Last Modified May 25, 2023

AWESOME OPPORTUNITY TO GET AN INCREDIBLE VAN😍 I don’t want to sell it, but life forces me to right now.

Save yourself the months of work and tens of thousands of dollars, and buy this already converted van. Wider and taller than a sprinter, so you can sleep comfortably in a real bed if you’re above 5ft tall, and still get good fuel mileage and have way more room and feel less cramped. Here’s your opportunity to grab a great van at a great price.

I hate to sell this thing, but won’t be able to travel much soon and will be spending much more time at home with my child who will be in school, so it’s time to let go of my beloved van.

It has the legendary 7.3 turbo diesel, and gets 14 mpg, very strong pulling van. I chose this chassis because it will fit a full length bed sideways in the back, and has great interior height. I’m 6’1 and can stand up with boots on and a hat, and still have 3” above my head. The windows swing out and open for fresh air in the summer, and the hatch in the top opens, as well as the doors that used to house the wheelchair ramp in the rear. Makes for a great place to lay in bed and appreciate a nice open view from the bed when the rear doors are open. In the winter, the wood stove keeps it nice and warm inside, even in frozen snowy weather, and burns all night long, on a stick or two of wood.

🔸brand new renogy battery system
🔸brand new renogy solar controller
🔸brand new renogy inverter
🔸brand new renogy solar panels
🔸water system in kitchen for sink
🔸propane dual burner stove for cooking
🔸hard cover for stovetop to prep food on
🔸tempur pedic queen mattress (cost 4K)
🔸 comes decorated, furnished, and ready to relax in
🔸handmade wood stove with insulated stove jack through the roof (perfect for winter heat)
🔸tons of storage everywhere, with drawer retainers etc
🔸adjustable vanity mirror by kitchen
🔸120v, 12v, and 5v usb outlets everywhere.
🔸has great battery capacity and solar charging, so is very self sustainable for long periods of time
🔸12v switched led flush mounted ceiling lights provide perfect lighting for reading or working at night, with only 8w total draw
🔸fridge system onboard
🔸insulated walls, ceilings and floors

super cute, well equipped, and tons of fun. I’ve had some amazing camping trips in it. It saddens me to sell it, but I will no longer be able to use it much, and I’d rather someone else get an awesome deal and take it home, than let it sit in my driveway while my HOA attempts to have me tarred and feathered for parking it there.

🔹new 12v engine batteries
🔹new water pump
🔹new tensioner and idler
🔹new serpentine belt
🔹new radiator
🔹fresh filters and oil change
🔹recent maintenance and inspection before my last trip

770)757-9300 call or text anytime

Will not release van until funds have cleared, so if paying any other form than cash, please plan accordingly.

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