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, Michigan
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, Michigan
77,823 Miles
Last Modified November 2, 2022

I bought this van to build out and live in full time. However, a brain injury stopped me from finishing it (Yes, I’m crushed). Your gain!
The van was in Florida its whole life and was used as a boys home transport vehicle. No rust on body or underneath! I’m the second owner. Clean record. Mechanically SOUND! Brand new tires and ceramic tint.

The painstaking parts are finished including demo, cleaning, resealing the fiberglass top, insulation, floors, walls, and the complete electric setup! All you have to do is build the inside the way you want it.

The solar panels (included) are ready to be connected. Otherwise, the power is running and ready to go. I have just about every receipt for every bit of work and purchase I made on the build.

– Ceiling height over 6ft
– Extended cab
– 77,823K miles
– V8, 5.4 Liter
– XLT Extended Wagon 3D
– large “garage style” bed for storage
– No rust underneath or on body
– Thinsulate insulation on ceilings and
walls (rvalue 5.2, water resistant,
sound deadening)
– Kilmat sound deadening throughout
– 0.75in polystyrene foam board
insulation under floor (R value 5)
– Ceramic tint 2021
– Four brand new Firestone Trans Force
tires (less than 500 miles)
– New fuel pump
– New brake calipers
– New paint on body
– Safstar 5.3 gallon portable toilet
– 2x Maxxair Maxxfan Deluxe installed
and connected
– 6 LED recessed ceiling lights
– Beautiful wood style vinyl floor over .5
inch pine wood and insulation
– VERY large overhead compartment. I planned to put a closet bar across it for a full hanging closet.

Electric system:
– Brand new Renogy Deep Cycle Agm
battery 12V 200AH
– Victron Energy BMV-712 Smart Battery
– Battery on/off switch
– Breaker switches to each major
component (see pictures)
– Blue seas 250 Amp BusBar
– Blue Seas 12 circuit fuse box w/cover
– Renogy 40A DC to DC Battery Charger
– 150A protected power alternator built
in to battery under hood that brings
power to back and charges house
battery (see picture)

– 2x Topsolar Flexible Solar 100W
24V/12V monocrystalline bendable
solar panels for low profile (not
connected but included. Just need to
be connected to charge controller )
– 30A Renogy LCD display 12V/24DC
MPPT Solar Charge Controller
(connected to power)

– Kolerflo DC 12V 5.0 GPM 55 PSI water
pump included and connected to
– Two water tanks included but not
hooked up (42g and 26g) available to
you. hoses and clamps included to
connect to water pump and sink.
– I bought matte black faucet, soap
dispenser, and sink strainer/basket,
which would be available to you if you
want it
– Id be happy to drive it to you upon purchase if needed

Additional notes:
– electric ready to hook into fridge of
your choice (8AWG wire)
– I have pictures of the entire
build/process and I’m happy to share
any with you
– Electrical system done by electrician

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