, Colorado

ASKING $35,000- OBO

-BRAND NEW 6.8L V10 engine remanufactured by Tristar engines with upgraded engine internals.
18-month 100,000-mile nationwide warranty on the engine (Warranty began 9/2021 and the new engine has about 7400 miles on it)
-New engine mounts, transmission mount, water pump, and oil pump.
-Transmission fluid changed before the 7400 mile trip
-New OEM torque converter
-New heavy-duty ball joints with greasable fittings
-New heavy-duty tie rod ends with greasable fittings
-New A/T tires rated for mud and snow. They have 7400 miles on them from our cross-country trip. They performed great in the snow and aren’t loud the highway.
-Van was aligned and the new tires were balanced just before trip
-New headlight housings and parking light housings
-New LED headlights
-New parking light bulbs
-RV vinyl white roof coating on the roof to reduce interior temperatures in the summer. The coating is thick and also adds a layer of protection.
-Every rust hole was patched and welded or patched with fiberglass and painted.

-Victron Multiplus 2000/80 inverter/charger
-Four 120V GFI AC outlets are protected by a 30 amp breaker. The inverter can handle spikes over 2,000 watts and continuous power at 1600 watts.
-Victron Orion TR Smart 30 amp b2b charger.
-Alternator will charge the lithium batteries at 30 amps.
-310 amp hours of lithium iron phosphate cells with built-in heating and cooling for use in extreme temperatures.
-We went almost 2 weeks without having to charge the batteries with shore power.
-30 amp shore power plug on the exterior of the van. Can charge the lithium batteries with a normal 120V house outlet or a 30 amp shore power plug at an RV campsite.
-Victron Lynx Distributer
-All of the electronics are connected with a Raspberry Pi computer and data is displayed on a 7-inch HD screen mounted in the van for easy access to all of the electrical data. Can also add tank level monitors and temperature probes to display on the screen as well. When connected to the internet, the van’s electrical systems can also be remotely accessed.
-Raspberry pi does not come with the van. I borrowed it from a friend because I was unable to find one online at the time due to chip shortages. They sell for about $40 and everything is pre-wired for it.
-15-gallon fresh water tank and 10-gallon grey water tank.
-Kinetico K5 reverse osmosis water purification system with dedicated RO drinking faucet and 1.5-gallon WOW (water on water) RO tank. When traveling the country, we filled the van tank with hose water. Our drinking water was 99.99% purified water out of the RO faucet. It’s nice not having to buy plastic water bottles to drink out of.
-Two bench seats in the rear with a folding section that turns them into a queen-size bed. The bench seats are made of memory foam and the seatbacks move to the bottom to create a queen-size bed.
-Max air fan deluxe. The fan can be set to run until it reaches a specific temp or manually controlled to suck air in or pull air out. We use it as a ceiling fan at night running it with the exterior lid closed.
-8 kW diesel heater. This heater is extremely powerful. We run it for about 5 minutes in the winter before bed and the van will hold the heat almost all night long. The heater can be set to heat to a certain temperature. 2-gallon diesel tank lasts us 2 weeks in the winter.
-Van is insulated with R6 polyiso foam board insulation attached with spray foam for an R factor of around R8. The floor has ½” insulation along with ¾” subfloor. The walls and ceiling have 1-inch insulation.
-Vinyl flooring (waterproof)
-2 burner gas stove run by a 5-gallon propane tank.
-Two 45 PSI water pumps run in series for a total of 90 PSI if needed. The water pressure is phenomenal at the regular sink faucet and the RO faucet. Two pumps were installed in case an outdoor shower is added.
-12V 42qt Bougie RV refrigerator on a soft-close drawer slide
-Every drawer and cabinet door is soft-close so they do not open while driving.
-Countertops are stained and have a hard gloss food-grade epoxy coating on them.
-Custom blackout curtains
-Custom blackout window shades with reflectix insulation on one side to keep heat in during the winter and keep heat out during the summer.
-Interior lights are LED lights with a dimmable touch panel.
-8-foot awning above the sliding door
-Touchscreen radio with apple car play
-New black carpet in the front.
-The entire van was built using screws, not nails

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