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, North Carolina
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, North Carolina
160,000 Miles
Last Modified January 5, 2024

2004 Ford E-350 Super Duty Quigley 4×4 6.8L V10
160k miles

Will be leaving soon for 6 months so get it before, when I get back I’ll put more work into it and sell for higher
My loss your gain right now

Furniture has been removed from van, as the build was tailored to my needs but the insulation, walls, ceiling, and floor will stay. So you can have whatever build you would like that fits your needs.
Brand new Thule TracRack bars are going with it, 6 bars

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Van was converted to 4WD by Quigley right after being made, have documentation. Beast of an engine that will go wherever you want it to, sounds absolutely amazing with custom exhaust too. Has passed NC inspections and everything runs perfectly. Can haul almost 5,000lbs and tow almost 10,000lbs
Converted into camper by myself after extensive research and 6 months of work. Was empty cargo van prior to build, some minor rust on interior but was sanded and wire brushed down to bare metal and used Por-15 Rust kit to treat and paint clean metal, Por-15 was used to patch bolt holes from wheelchair mount. Interior was cleaned and insulated into every possible nook and cranny with Havelock wool, including floor. Floor is framed, sub layer, and used luxury vinyl planks to waterproof. Absolutely no holes were drilled into van (besides roof fan vent) to make the entire build easily removable to change any aspect to it or completely put new build in. I used rivet nuts into pre-existing factory holes to bolt everything into. Everything was built to last: wood sanded, stained and poly coated. Suspension will need to be updated if intending to extreme off-road as it is the original. Fully setup as mini RV overlanding camper to travel or live in, or remove build and design the way you wish. Re-titled as Motorhome through DMV to classify as RV to get much cheaper RV insurance. Have lived out of this since the beginning of the year and have traveled out to Yellowstone where I was a guide for the summer and has been such an awesome setup. Going with a different setup with a truck because needs have changed and need the usability of a truck to build a basecamp on newly acquired land. Note: You will get looks from everyone, especially others in trucks/vans drooling over this beast of a van.

*4×4 selector knob that folds down to get out of the way
*Remote start
*Front and Rear view mirror camera and dash cam
*Expandable sliding bed to sleep 2 (tight fit but doable with the right mattress, or 1 comfortably)
*Slidable cover to hide and hold under-bed storage in place, or as an adjustable wall to provide wall for bed
*Fully insulated to control climate
*MAXXAIR Fan for climate control and venting (00-06200K )
*Sink setup that drains outside or could be routed to drain into grey tank
*Compartment area underneath sink for water jugs
*So much storage space designed for typical camping/van living necessities, food and water
*Slide for induction cooktop
*Counter-top lifts up to access space for Dometic or alike fridge (I use CFX3 55IM)
*Upper cabinets for containers and spice rack
*Seat cover for toilet like a bucket toilet or a cassette toilet
*Large cabinet storage space for bookshelf, odds and ends, toiletries, or battery setup
*Passenger chair can be flipped around to add to living quarters
*Heavy duty eye bolt to setup hammock inside
*Side sliding door is insulated and has window that vents open
*Magnetic, insulated, black out window covers
*Insulated, blackout curtain on rod
*Wiring can be easily routed behind upper corner cover
*2 led light strips, not attached but already wired and can be installed wherever
*(Internal components like battery setup and my belongings will be removed, full build out will remain as well as sink)

*6in lift
*33in AT Tires
*Manual hub caps
*Full length running boards on both sides
*Aluminess passenger side ladder
*Hitch step
*6 Thule TracRac roof rack cross bars
*LED lights
*LED light bar in grille
*Rain guards on front windows
*(Cargo boxes and RTT will be removed)

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