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, Minnesota
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, Minnesota
249,000 Miles
Last Modified June 9, 2022

This cozy off-grid build with a hot water shower and Murphy bed is ready for its next adventure!

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2005 T1N Sprinter 2500 super high top 140” WB with a custom built conversion. This van is equipped with an indoor hot water shower, Murphy bed, plenty of storage space, 2 MaxAir vents, a diesel heater, large pull out desk, and a hand-crafted butcher block counter top, powered by 4 100-watt solar panels, allowing it to be fully off-grid.

This has been our beloved home for the last year; it feels incredibly cozy on the inside and makes you feel at home, no matter where you are parked with its warm dimmable lights, copper accents, and cedar paneling. It’s in great shape and has been well taken care of throughout its whole life. Before we bought the van in 2020, it was a one-owner van used to transport artwork in Georgia. Check out our Instagram to see the adventures this van allowed us to have: @janice.the.vanice

Home details
– Fully insulated with 2 layers of Havelock wool (R-14)
– Camplux 5L instant hot water heater
– Indoor and outdoor shower
– Four 6-gallon jerry cans for water, with intentional space for 3 more
– Simple and quiet foot-operated water pump connected to copper faucet and sink
– Quiet but efficient diesel heater (diesel heater sits in the front cab and is ducted to the back cab living area for quiet heating)
– Custom built Murphy bed (queen length/between twin and full width)
– Large closets, storage under the bed and countertops, and hidden full-length storage behind the Murphy bed wall
– Large slide-out desk
– 2 MaxxAir deluxe fans for airflow
– Stealth window covers with 1-1/2 inches of foam insulation
– Alley walkway for access from both doors
– Fruit hammock and knife magnet

– Four 100 watt solar panels
– Two 12V 100AH Deep Cycle AGM Batteries
– Four 12 volt usb outlets
– EPEVER 40A MPPT solar charge controller
– EPEVER MT50 Remote meter for MPPT solar charge controller (this allows consistent viewing of battery statistics)
– 1000 watt continuous pure sine wave inverter, 2000w max will power household appliances
– All electrical work externally routed for ease of access (electrical wiring ran through copper tubing)
– All wiring was over-gauged by 35% or greater to mitigate fire risk

Van details
– Regular oil changes, including a fresh oil change within the last 100 miles
– New turbo hose
– New hose clamps
– Replaced the radiator fan clutch
– Replaced the water pump
– New drive shaft
– New LED headlights
– New OEM EGR valve
– All fluids kept up to date
– Brand new windshield
– The van is completely rust free
– 249,xxx miles
– Very well maintained van

Things that need work
– 1 glow plug is missing, this is only an issue in the extreme cold & is cheap to fix
– No mattress included

This was our dream van and it treated us extremely well so we are sad to see it go. This could be the perfect van for your next adventure, like it was for ours! Please reach out with any questions, we’re passionate about the build and happy to answer anything!

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