Huntington Beach
, California

Huntington Beach
, California
146,000 Miles

– 143,000 miles
Total height of the van with solar panels is
– MPG: Up to 16 city / 22 highway (I can typically
drive around 6 hours on the highway with a full
tank of gas.)
– Engine: 4.3 L V6

Mechanical updates:
– Tires replaced in Aug. 2020
– Spark plugs & transmission oil pan gasket
replaced in Aug. 2020
– Engine mount & serpentine belt – replaced in
Nov. 2020
– (1) Brake pads, (1) brake hose, and (2) calipers
replaced in Aug. 2021
– Fuel pump replaced in Nov. 2021
– Transmission rebuilt in April 2022 (24,000-
mile warranty. The mechanic shop is in
– Oil changed and all fluids checked September 2022
– Starter replaced September 2022
Current issues:
– Brake/ABS light flickers on and off. Sensor
issue. I’ve been to several mechanics, and none
have told me it’s an urgent issue to get fixed.
– The door actuators for the front doors do not
work. You have to manually unlock the front
doors. The key fob only works for the sliding
side door and the back door.

The build:
– Foam insulation
– 50 mil car sound deadening mat
– Vinyl plank flooring
– Pine tongue and groove panels for walls and

– 200 Watt (2pcs 100 Watt) Solar Panels
– Power Inverter Pure Sine Wave 1200Watt 12V
DC to 110V 120V
– (2) 12V 100Ah Solar Wind AGM SLA DEEP
Cycle VRLA Battery
– MaxxFan Dome Plus Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan
LED Light – 6″ Diameter – Manual Lift
– 12V Electric Water Faucet Tap with Switch
– 12V Portable Submersible Water Pump
– AstrAl Portable Freezer 12 Volt Car
Refrigerator 16 Quart Fridge
– 1080P Backup Camera with Monitor
– 3 small electrical fans
– Carbon monoxide monitor

– Foam convertible couch/mattress that is
between a twin size and a full-size (can fit two
people but must cuddle to fit comfortablv)
– Custom sheets that can be removed & washed
– Wooden slates easily pull out to convert to a

– Under-the-couch/bed storage
– Overhead storage/shelves
– Built-in storage box beside the bed (can be
– Under-the-sink storage
– Storage ottoman cube

– Portable pump shower to use outside
– New portable hassock toilet

Fun additions:
• 3 cute battery-powered vine fairy lights
– Portable stove
– Artic Air mini air conditioner/swamp cooler
– Electric personal hot sandwich maker
– Electric mini egg fryer with mini ramen pot
– Custom curtains
– FM Bluetooth radio transmitter
– Fire extinguisher
– The sink cabinet has an RV table leg and
opens upward to become a small table
– Custom sun shades from High-End Motorsports for all the windows to keep it cool during the day.

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