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, Colorado
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, Colorado
150,600 Miles
Last Modified August 1, 2023

Up for sale is my fully converted 2006 Dodge Sprinter Super High Ceiling 140″ w.b. camper van, with around 150k miles. The 2006 T1N Sprinters are highly sought after, as they can easily handle well over 300,000 miles. This van is in perfect mechanical condition— before listing it, I brought it to the shop to have it inspected and had any small issues repaired. $5,646 later, it has new tires, new front shocks/struts, new Drive Belt Tensioner, new brake pads + rotors, all fluids serviced, and a few other small things. This thing is ready to be moved into and take you wherever you want to go! Emissions testing passed Apr 2023.

This was a passenger van before being converted into a camper, so it has extra windows and a rear AC unit in addition to the front AC. I am the third owner— I bought it from the second owner when it had approximately 70,000 miles, which was my employer at the time. It was used to shuttle children, so it was mandated to be driven below a certain speed limit with a high degree of safety. It was bought from the first owner with only a few thousand miles on it. Between transporting children and me being cautious with it when it had all of my possessions in it, it’s safe to say this thing has been babied on the road for its lifetime.


•This galley has a Whynter 45-quart refrigerator, purchased on 7/17/2022. It has a microwave and 2-burner propane stove. A 32″ Samsung tv swivels for you to watch something from any angle in the van.
•The sink has a hand-faucet w/ 6 gallon water + gray tanks.
•The bed is a full queen 4″ memory foam mattress w/ 2″ mattress topper, with tons of storage underneath.
•A Maxxair fan provides ventilation, and a Fan-Tastic fan Endless Breeze in the cabin helps keep things cool in the summer.
•Everything is powered by a Renogy Deep Cycle AGMBattery 12 Volt 200Ah (purchased 10/2021). A Renogy RV Solar Kit provides 2 100-watt solar panels and a Viewstar 20a Charge Controller / LCD display. You can monitor battery levels with a Victron Energy BMV-700 Battery Monitor, and a larger alternator up front recharges the battery in addition to the solar panels when the engine is running. A Krieger 1500 Watt 12V Power Inverter powers the cabin, and included is also a super long extension cord behind the driver seat to plug into shore power.
•Back-up Camera
•Overhead cabinets on both sides and drawers next to one side of the bed provide plenty of in-cabin storage


This van lived in the mid-Atlantic from approx. 2008 – 2016 and has patches of exterior rust in places on the paint and parts of the exhaust.
The rear latch of the sliding door isn’t latching properly. The door still shuts and locks, but the latch will most likely need to be replaced.
The windshield wiper fluid tubes detached from the wipers and are held on w/ zip ties.
The back-up camera monitor clips to the rear-view mirror. One of the arms is wonky, so it’s being supported with duct tape.
There are a few dents and dings on the body.


I’ll throw in any extra goodies I have (collapsible toilet, windshield sun shades, removable insulated window shades, trashcan, a bunch of tools / replacement parts / hardware, a small leaf-blower to help w/ keeping the interior clean, and a bunch of other small things)

This van is fully built out and ready for move-in! I lived in it for years and never had any issues with things breaking. It has been properly maintained throughout its lifetime. I am happy to answer questions and will gladly FaceTime / send videos if there’s anything more you want to see before checking it out in person.

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