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, California
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, California
89,500 Miles
Last Modified April 5, 2022

This is a turn-key, ready-to-live-in, VanLife piece of art that gets 22-25 MPG!

I have spent the last 10 years diving headfirst into tiny living. I have built and lived in numerous vans and sailboats around the world. This build is the culmination of 8 other builds and countless hours of research and design. Everything in this van was done by hand from years of acquiring knowledge. From the 12v electric to the upholstery to the custom rock polishing, it’s all done in-house at Watts Works MFG.

I have a full-service record of all 89,500 miles on this 2.7 l Mercedes turbo diesel engine. This engine has been called a million-mile engine by Mercedes and will go 500,000-700,000 miles easily. This van has been well taken care of and has a long life ahead of it. With build-out, the van gets 22/25 mpg.


KnH Glass Two-Burner stovetop-Propane.
Norcold NR751BB 12V Fridge with a 2-year warranty.
Recessed oak chopping block soft-close drawer.
Each of the 8 drawers is capped in white oak, with Cherrywood drawer pulls.
All drawers have heavy-duty soft-close lockable slides.
The kitchen counter is made from Cherrywood parquet pieces and resin. Each stone was hand-picked from the central coast of California and tumbled for 1 month at Watts Works Headquarters, before being chosen for the design.
It is a joy to cook in this kitchen and the van can accommodate diner for 6 people.


400 w solar panel roof deck.
2X 200 amp hour AGM Renogy batteries.
3000W pure sine inverter.
Vitron 100/30 MPPT Solar Controller- Bluetooth Accessible.
Smart Inverter alternator connection, Charge your batteries without the sun.
Blue Sea Fuse Box and Ground Bar.
All lights on a dimmer switch.
8 USB ports and 2 AC plugs for appliances.
There is a ton of battery in this build you can run nearly any household item including power tools.
MaxxAir roof fan with climate-controlled vent and thermostat.


3-inch high-density topper blended with 2-in plush topper for ultimate comfort.
Custom Upholstery with Sunbrella canvas. Easy access with zipper and fully washable covers.
I chose a U-shaped bed design with a removable floating box that splits into two seats, giving you over 10 seating styles, bed setups, and functionalities.

Toilet/ Shower:
The toilet is hidden in a recessed drawer in the face of the couch.
It can be used there or removed and placed in between the driver’s seats for nightly use.
The sink doubles as a hot water outdoor shower.


Recessed rear storage boxes with dimmable light bars and hangable slats for ultimate customizability from plants to an iPad for movies.
Under-bed recessed slide-out clothes drawer.
Under-bed recessed slide-out toilet box.
Above cab Storage behind the stain glass panel.
Accessible storage cubby from the rear of the vehicle for easy access.
Hidden storage box in bed top.
Clothes dresser in bed top.


Suspends from the ceiling and can accommodate 6 people for dinner.
When not suspended, the tabletop drops to complete the bed or goes to a custom cubby hole behind the driver’s seat.


Has a 9in deep, stainless sink with an oak chopping block counter and cap.
The sink functions as your hot water outdoor shower. I chose this placement for warming up after a cold swim or cleaning your feet before entering the van.
26-gallon fresh water tank.
Seaflo 55 series water pump.
10-gallon grey water tank mounted under the van with dump station hookups.

There is a ton of functionality in the space vs place design. Come see how you can redesign your space to revitalize your space. Driveaway on to your next adventure!

Truly a van you have to see in person. Happy to facetime and show you the functionality of the space. Feel free to give me a call. 941.685.9896

I am also accepting custom builds for Fall 2022. Dm for inquiries or follow along @wattsworksmfg on Instagram. More pictures to come there.

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