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, Arizona
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, Arizona
100,400 Miles
Last Modified January 30, 2023

Video walk around/start up:–LdQqc

Craigslist link for more pictures:

Price is OBO.

Here is my pride and joy, my Extended 2006 E-350 super duty stealth conversion camper van. It has 100,xxx miles and will only go up slowly as I work remote. I’m only selling the van because I plan to move back to the Midwest to be closer to family, or else I’d keep it. Clean title in hand, passed emissions and good for one year. (Van is white under the bed liner spray)

Back story: This van started off as a Texas Baptist church van, made it to a guy in Florida who started the conversion, shortly after, he sold it to a couple in Massachusetts, in which is who I bought it from. I’m still in touch with both parties and they’re awesome people. Yes, I flew from Arizona to Massachusetts to buy this Van. Why? Because it only had 42k miles on it, and since most of the miles were put on from church transportation, I knew it wasn’t beat on. I drove it all the way from Massachusetts back to Phoenix with ZERO problems (gas mileage was also surprisingly good for the van’s size). I have put on ALL of the travel miles in this van in the 4 1/2 years I’ve owned it, and I’ve had ZERO major issues with it.

As far as I know, there are ZERO mechanical issues with this Van. During my ownership, my best friend/roommate was a mechanic. He has looked over this van on a monthly basis and continues to reassure me the engine is fresh, no leaks, no rust, no issues. He does all my routine maintenance on it. (I’m personally not the most mechanically inclined, so he was a savior). If needed, I can get him to be available to answer any mechanical questions you may have.

-Brand new tires
-Brand new rear brakes/rotors (front are only a year old and I haven’t put too many miles on them)
– New fuel pump (less than 2 years old)
-New wiring harness (it shorted out on me about two years ago & was replaced for about $750. This was the only minor issue I’ve had in the past 4+ years with it)
-New battery (Less than 1 year old)
-Brand new headliner/steering wheel cover
-Fresh oil change
– This van is mechanically sound and I would not hesitate to drive it cross country tomorrow. From 42k miles to 100k miles, these are all my miles I put on from traveling. I have never drivin it in snow/salt conditions.
-2 dual cell batteries with power converter/power control (enough for off grid power for about 3 days in my experience – a little less if you run the fridge continually)
-25g water tank with electric pump
– sink and mini fridge
-PLENTY of storage
– Bed big enough to sleep 3 (I’m 5’10 and my feet do not hang off the bed)
– Van roof has been rust treated (for transparency, there was some VERY light dustings of rust in just a couple spots, so light you could still clearly see the white paint – & there is only one small patch showing on the rain gutter just below the top 3rd brake light), and then I sprayed the entire van with Beige Raptor Bed liner spray to give it a more rugged look and protect the paint from any sun damage. It also acts as a shield from rocks/debris, rust, and also muffles sound from the outside. I used black Raptor Bed liner spray on the bumpers/grille and back of side mirrors which really makes it pop.
– wood boards and interior paint are less than 2 years old.
-Magnetic curtains all the way around
– There are 2 easy access doors underneath the mattress to access things under the bed.
– comes with coleman 2 burner stove and plenty of propane tanks
– Exhaust fan
-Bluetooth face plate
– Fairy lights/touch light on door (needs AAA batteries)
-Shifts perfectly smooth, heat blows hot and air conditioner blows cold (struggles a bit in 100 degree phoenix heat but what car doesn’t).
– Less than 2 year old Raptor Bed Liner spray on the whole van (took dozens of hours of prep work and a couple grand to complete)
-All the power components are installed (just need solar panels – or you can simply run a cable from the engine battery to the dual cell batteries)
-2 inch thick insulation under the ceiling boards.
– I have taken this van everywhere from the desert to the long forest back-roads of Colorado and it’s never failed me. It may not be 4 wheel drive, but that never seemed to be an issue for me or the van.

The Not So Good (Mostly cosmetic)
-Passenger side back door has a small dent that runs through part of the body. I point it out in the youtube video. It’s not very noticeable unless you’re up close, and it does not affect the functionality of the doors. I attempted to do some body work on it and then sprayed the Raptor Bed liner spray over it. Not sure how this happened as I bought it with the dent in the door.
– There are 3 small rock chips in the windshield, one resulting in a crack that runs the height-length of the window on the passenger side. It does not affect my view of the road so I never bothered getting it fixed, though I was quoted $240.
– small chips here and there on some of the wood on the inside, 99.8% intact.
– I removed the solar panels when I did the bed liner spray, and realized I didn’t really need them anymore since my long-term van life days were over, HOWEVER, ALL of the wiring is still intact under the roof which connect to the batteries under the bed. So there is currently no power to power the sink/fan/fridge. If you want to buy solar panels, they are only a few hundred bucks, and then just remove the bondo/raptor spray from a small patch on the roof where you can reach the connectors to connect to the solar panels. You could also just run a battery cable from the front battery to the back ones.
– The roof doesn’t look the prettiest as I sprayed bedliner spray over the sealant where the old solar panels used to be bolted down. I just didn’t care much since it’s, well, the roof.

I’m sure I’m missing some things, the van is sold as is, but if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out and I’ll do my best to respond quickly. Alot of money and time was put into this, so I hope to pass it on to someone who will love it as much as I have.

Thanks! – Jim

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