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, Florida
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, Florida
188,000 Miles
Last Modified May 22, 2023

I’m sorry but I sold this today. I’m trying to see how to take the listing down.
Thanks for looking

I have a vehicle history check available for anyone to review:


Meticulously maintained and built solar (Dodge plated) Mercedes Sprinter camper van. I have one exactly like it. I bought this one for my son from a friend who is a master mechanic and built it out himself. In the last year, my son has only used it twice and he is just not in a place to travel for the foreseeable future, so thus the sale. Camping pics from Sun Valley and Great Basin NP. “My” van and “my son’s van”.
It has 300 watts of solar to run everything for days while you are off grid. 2 deep cycle house batteries.
It can also be plugged into shore power at both 20 and 30 amp supplies. Multiple 110v outlets inside and one dedicated just off of solar.
Independent (non-engine) heater under passenger seat. AC newly charged.
Huge, amazing fridge slides out effortlessly. It can run off solar or independently connected to shore power.
New heated shower (tankless heater)off the back.
Kitchen has a sink, microwave, induction stove, and lots of pantry.
Water can also be run directly from campsite water or from the in-house storage.
Bed has a tv mount and great accessible lighting. Entire cabin has great insulation.
Back windows are both screened. So are side windows on slider. Combined with the reversible ceiling Fantastic Fan there is great air flow. Tinted windows for privacy.
Cabin seats in excellent condition. Passenger seat swivels 180 degrees.
Excellent Sony stereo system with speakers added.
High end Rocky Mounts double bike rack included with the hitch.
Tons of storage in back under the bed and interior in cabinets.
Brakes, tires, transmission all in excellent condition. Zero issues with anything. This model designed to go over 400,000 miles with regular maintenance.
Great mileage. In the low 20’s MPG.
If I didn’t have my own exact same version of this van I would be keeping it for myself.
This will be a great camper van for many years to come.
Delivery may be possible.
I hope it finds a good home.

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