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, Canada
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, Canada
197,600 Miles
Last Modified May 24, 2023

Selling: 2007 Dodge Sprinter 170” wheel base, high roof, diesel. All Mercedes parts aside from the logo.

3.0L V6 engine. Very efficient engine with over 600km per tank.

Quick notes:
-$45K CAD – $34K USD
-fully insulated spray foam camper
-max air roof fan (intake and exhaust)
-3 rear sliding windows with screens
-custom queen bed that converts to a table for meals
-75L Iceco fridge and freezer (different compartments)
-shurflo water pump to cold water tap.
-super deep custom sink to wash and store dirty dishes
-Lots of lighting options for every mood.
-3 different dimmers and kitchen lights
-inverter for 120v and 12v normal. Lots of plugs
-300Ah lithium iron phosphate battery storage
-upgraded console to touchscreen Sony player
-additional rear speakers in “garage”
-custom roof rack with pre-planned spots for solar panels if you choose
-front and rear spot lights
-rear garage area with water resistant set up. It has an opening in the top to fit boat lengthwise in van if you dont want to use the roof racks.
-5 kw diesel heater
-custom cabinets with push lock latches.
-Upgraded B6 Bilstien suspension in the front and back
-2WD, RWD.
-new balljoints, suspension, cat converter, dpf filter, intake hoses, and oil changes

______________________ Long Description_______________________

This van has been a passion project over the last year and a half and we skipped no corners.

The outside is a custom paint job with some minor body work done to some rust that was starting.

On top is a custom roof rack with front and rear lights. It is wide enough to strap a canoe and kayak no problem. We also built it with space to attach solar panels if you so choose.

Inside we have spray foam insulation with ply walls painted with the toughest paint to assure it lasts.

The bed is slightly bigger than a queen and all of the cushions have zippers so they can be removed and cleaned.

It converts to a large table where 4 large people can sit no problem.

Their is a ton of cupboards, so you will always have space for your stuff. High quality push button latches on custom cabinetry.

The fridge is a 12v 75L fridge and freezer horizontal cooler. It’s the Icec VL75ProD.
Linked here: It slides out from underneath the stove area.

To cook is a Woodward 3 burner propane stove with a functional ignition spark. It runs off a propane line which is run into a sealed box under the side bench.

The van has a massive 300Ah of lithium iron phosphate batteries that are designed for movement and are super light. We have a converter for 120v power (blenders or toasters), and normal USB plugs all over the place for any other charging.

The sink is deep and spacious with room to put your dishes and a cutting board. You can put the lid over the sink too if you want more countertop or just don’t want to see the messy dishes. We have a Shurflo pump connected to a full size tap and soap pumps on the sides.

The “water tower” is a system to have cold water run as you need it. It is 2 – 25L jugs that you can swap in as needed. It comes with an extra one in the back.

Their are three windows that open up throughout the back of the van with a Maxxair fan on the roof to make a great airflow system for moisture or any warm nights.

There are a ton of cabinets, drawers and benches to put anything you can think of in the van.

We installed a sweet Sony dash in the front so you can use apple car play or Bluetooth as you wish. There are also a set of decent waterproof speakers set up in the “garage” of the van. It makes the sound much better when sitting inside.

The garage area has lights and power with rocker guard paint and rubber mat floors for wet gear and extra storage.

Over the last 3km I have done an oil change, transmission fluid flush and change, a coolant flush, rear differential oil change, and replaced the DPF and Cat Converter. All new filters for cabin and the oil. Along with some air hoses that needed change. Added new Bosch glow plugs (5/6). New Headlights. New rear breaks and E-break assembly.

The engine check light is on. The engine light is on because one of the glow plugs is stuck and needs to be changed. If it cracks it’s a big job, so wasn’t worth it. It doesn’t effect the van starting at all. There is also the left rear running lamp that is not working. The entire module was changed but for some reason only the running light doesn’t work. Break light and signals are fine.

The van runs great and I’ve put a lot of work into making it a great travel partner.

The van has been well loved and taken care of and hoping to pass it off to someone who will do the same. I just am not using it much and hate to see it sitting idle.

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