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, Colorado
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, Colorado
225,000 Miles
Last Modified May 10, 2024

REDUCED PRICE! We MUST sell and are already selling less than what we have put into and bought it for. This is truly a terrific build in need of a new home/adventure!

Selling as is as, we are now renting a place and need it gone. Some things that need attention as of the past few weeks- Truck its self needs water pump replaced before driving. Porch door hing needs rewelding but will stay closed otherwise.
NO CDL REQUIRED as it weights less than 24k lbs!
Read all extra details below if you are extra interested- we can set up a video call!

This build has the ability to be detached and be an ADU/stand alone home, can’t do that with a van build! It has everything you need as a home including:

800w solar
400amp lithium (NEW+ room for more!)
50amp charge controller w/dc (NEW)
3000w Inverter (NEW)
Entire NEW professional electrical
On demand water heater
Full shower
40gal fresh water w/heating pads
20gal black tank/toilet
Stove w/oven
Desk/work space
Propane furnace (vented)
All safety detectors (NEW)
Two Couches
Elevator bed (full but we fit a queen)
Max air fan
Porch! (ONE OF A KIND!)

Truck commercial and made to last with 226k miles diesel engine. Serious stealth ability and massive storage space! This build is made like a house NOT a van build so it’s vital to not compare it with such.


IMPORTANT DETAILS- Patio door hing needs to be re-welded/replaced.
Truck needs water pump replaced-not drivable until replaced since it cools the engine, we can pay to have it towed within Denver Metro to your choice in Commercial Mechanic. We have reduced the price by 8k to account for this, the repair would be significantly less but we need to sell for financial reasons ASAP.

This is not your average van conversion, this was designed for full time living with plenty of room and storage for multiple people. This is a turn key house on wheels which great stealth abilities and gets 12mpg. We bought it from a amazing couple who built and traveled in this for 2 years, life has forced us to move on from this dream and we must sell.
The box is 16ft long, 8 foot tall and 8 foot wide. It has a unique build with a raised floor, 1ft, to allow for ample under storage including access from both the driver and passenger sides. Basically, your storage unit/garage is under the floor!

Electrical- All new professionally installed electrical system! On the roof their is 800 watts of solar that get stored in our 400 amps of Lithium batteries. We have a 3000 watt renogy inverter/charger with outlets run all throughout the box and one exterior in the rear. 50amp renogy charge controller/dc charger to use while driving. So you have solar, dc, or shore power to power this home!

Bathroom- a 31 gallon black tank, There are so many free places to dump your tank and it only takes 2 minutes so it’s never been an issue for us. Sure you can cap it and put in a compost toilet if you like. New shower head! You’ll love the massive house sized shower with large skylight above the porcelain Dometic toilet. We have 40 gallons of water outside and plenty of room to add more if you like, with heating pads for all season use. We have an on demand hot water heater by Gerard. There is also a 33 gallon grey tank for the sink and shower pan.

Office- full workstation with a 34” 4K monitor and it’s got the best views in the house. Additional storage under desk.

Kitchen- you’ll see that we have one of the largest countertops with a 28” flip up extension for even more room. The countertop is unique as the flowers were pressed into books over the last year of travels and then poured by master expoxy pourer Kirk Allan Originals. We have a Furrion 3 burner stove with a 17” oven in which we cook just about every single meal and love it. New faucet! The copper sink is on the smaller side but works well for this space and could be expanded. There is also a Furrion range hood that vents to the outside which really helps keep the cooking smells and smoke to a minimum.

Next to the shower we have a floor to ceiling pantry with so much room for food storage and you’ll also see that there is a full house sized 3 sliding kitchen drawer with soft close under the counter. There is no lack of storage here and the door has a full length mirror as well. Next to the pantry is our Furrion 12v 10 cubic foot fridge. This fridge is amazing, uses little power and holds so much stuff as it’s truly 24” deep both fridge and freezer- YES it will actually freeze ice!

Closet- Next to our fridge is out 44” dresser with enough storage for 2 people and then some. The electrical system of the house are hidden under a panel on the bottom of the closet for easy access if needed.

Stepping down into the back of the box we have two couches with ample storage underneath and a happijac bed that lifts down from the ceiling with ease. The bed fits a full ideally but we managed to squeez our queen in! It fits us perfectly and we absolutely love this layout. The happijac rails have 4 inches of depth on the passenger side so you’ve got space! I’m 5’6 and my partner is 6’0.

Patio- The main attraction of this box truck and where it’s become quite popular with the nomad community is our unique back door system with a 60/40 split. This allows us to push open the top and greet the morning without getting out of bed. It has 250 pound gas shocks so it’s very strong and can even lift two bikes on the back fork mounts. When you lower the bottom you get a large deck thats perfect for potluck dinner parties, yoga or concerts in nature. You’ll also notice we have a window on the door, in the kitchen and on the back door. These have all had white perforated vinyl put over them for privacy and most people can’t even tell they’re windows even at night with lights on… No one living here, just a work truck.

The box is a reefer box that originally had a large AC on the front but has been taken off. It’s already insulated and performs great in both the heat and the cold. 1” of insulation to the sidewalls jhas been added just to help with more insulation and noise dampening. There is a 6” hole with caps on the front of the box if you wish to have a portable air conditioner. The plan was to install a mini split up top but we never got to it and just decided to leave the heat and go elsewhere. If you chose to install a mini split on the front, it’ll be quite simple as the hole from the previous AC is still there just capped and I have run power into the upper cabinet above the workstation. We’ll include the AC compressor so you can install it if you want.

As for heat, there is an RV propan furnace. This has been ducted under the raised floor and has outlets to the entry door and into the living room. Keeps up with Colorado winters!

The truck itself is a 2007 Mitsubishi Fuso FE 140. Do a little research and you’ll find these are fantastic trucks and the 2007 was the last of the great pre emissions engine, meaning no DEF and no DPF. It had one previous owner in San Diego where it was used to deliver skylights since new until it was converted by the couple before us. It was babied and meticulously maintained as you can see in the maintenance logs. Originally converted with 180,000 miles and it now sits at 224,000 with many years of life left in it, and it drives great! It has a wheelbase of 152” which is about the same as a 4 door F150 but due to the cab over body type has an even better turning radius. We’re still surprised how easy it is to drive around and are sure you’ll love it too.

Tires were only recently- we put on 2000 miles since being replaced a couple months ago, brand new ac compressor and brand new radiator. Had the vehicle inspected recently here in Colorado along with an oil change and they were very impressed. I wouldn’t hesitate to drive this anywhere in north or South America at a moments notice. It’s ready to go!

One of the best parts of this conversion is the fact that nothing has been attached to the truck frame itself which means if you ever need or want to place it on a different chassis, it’s quite easy or it could technically become a cabin if you like. We recently winterized it with even MORE insulation, and wrapped heating pads towards the tanks so running water is always there! Maybe you want the ability to leave the cold and are looking for a quality build without breaking the bank. They were no corners cut here with it being the 3rd full build and built with a full time on site RV mechanic so everything is in a smart place with easy access and built more like a house than an RV. Which if you didn’t know are complete garbage and slapped together in 1 day, 1! This can easily be parked along side a friend or family members house where you would plug into the shore power and city water connection we installed where you could then live rent free. You could even easily have an RV clean out installed at the house so the truck would never need to leave therefore turning it into a tiny house or ADU (additional dwelling unit) Make this your next tiny house property, which was our intention after traveling, our loss is your gain!

Currently disconnected but can be wired in- welded in is a frame to hold out 3500 watt predator generator which has a 30amp plug to recharge the batteries if ever needed. It’s installed with the generator exhaust facing outwards and the controls hidden under the truck. Simply go under, hit the electric ignition and presto, the truck is already plugged in and the inverter knows to start charging. We use the DC charger more often then this but it’s totally an option to re-wire in.

We love our house as do the thousands of people who were fortunate enough to see it over the past 2 years. You won’t find another conversion like this. The truck is currently located in Colorado and ready when you are!

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