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, New York
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, New York
143,000 Miles
Last Modified March 7, 2022

Thank you for checking out my van build.

All designs are my own and are field tested (this is my third build). For this build, I prioritized layout, storage, and design. All the framing and finishing is unique to this van model, and the quality and detail are outstanding. While many builds feature a bed in the back, limiting walking space, my design project features instead a walk-through layout that feels more like a house (albeit a tiny one). There is ample room to walk, sit, and sleep; it is also easy to tote long cargo such as SUPs, surfboards, or lumber (boards up to 12 ft).

A few details:

– kitchen setup has loads of counter space, two-burner propane range, under-mount sink with electric water pump, 5-gallon fresh water and gray water tanks, under-counter storage, and pantry.

– convertible bench / bed has three large drawers that pull out for easy near-full size bed conversion (50″ x 75″); two inch firm foam mattress.

– large closet as well as abundant cabinet storage throughout the van.

– electrical setup that includes two roof-mounted 100 watt solar panels, 30 amp PWM solar charge controller, two 100 amp deep cycle batteries, and 1500 watt pure sine wave power inverter.

– easy access 23 quart refrigerator / freezer hidden in a cabinet.

– two adjacent screened windows that open for ventilation and cross breeze.

– wireless back-up camera.

– walls and ceiling insulated with (non-toxic) eco-wool insulation.

– low-profile cowhide handles on cabinetry so your pants don’t get snagged.

– tongue and groove pine plank ceiling.

There is currently no shower or toilet in the van. A shower would be a challenging add because of limited space, but an exterior shower could be added. Space for a toilet is in one of the under-bed drawers. There are several toilet types available. I am happy to build you a simple compost toilet to fit the van should you decide to purchase, or else give you the dimensions of the drawer so you can shop for your preferred manufactured toilet.

If you know van builds, you know that Sprinters are the preferred vehicle for their high head room (75″), reliable diesel motors that last long when maintained, and good fuel economy. My van is the non-extended model, which makes parking in the city (relatively) easy but still gives you 10 feet of living space.

My van is a DODGE SPRINTER. I indicated the vehicle make as Mercedes Benz in the ad because there is no Dodge Sprinter option. Mercedes Benz contracts out Sprinters to Dodge and Freightliner, presumably to meet market demand. Dodge assembled the van, but the parts–including everything that is under the hood–are manufactured by Mercedes Benz.

I bought the van empty in Winter 2020 from a licensed van dealer and built it over the next six months. I have put about 10K miles on it, including two long trips (Miami and Minneapolis). Van has had regular oil changes, plus service to the cooling system, transmission, and exhaust (I have the receipts).

NOTE: the van was NOT in NYC during Hurricane Ida; it was not subjected to flooding 🙂

I am happy to answer any questions you might have. I am located in lovely Brooklyn, NY if you want to see the vehicle in person. I can do a video tour at your convenience as well.

Price is NEGOTIABLE. I am neither desperate to sell nor looking to lose money on my investment, so no lowball offers please ;D

Thanks for looking!

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