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, Washington
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, Washington
89,690 Miles
Last Modified March 20, 2022

2008 Dodge sprinter 3500 170 with top of the line custom build

This 2021 conversion is jam packed with features, design choices, and built with precision and care for custom craftsmanship. From the crown moulding, wood trim, to the top of the line electrical components and building materials, this van was built with no expense spared. Built off a 2008 chassis with 89,000 miles this van is just broken in and ready for a long life ahead of it. With an EGR delete kit on the 2008 3.0L V6 turbo diesel this sprinter has power, reliability, and reduced maintenance as well as improved mpg due to the EGR delete. There have been tree owners, the first for personal use, second for interior build out of the van, and third for personal use. This vehicle is barely broken in and ready for a long life of adventure.

Video walk through:

2021 mechanic improvements (over $8,500 value):
All synthetic fluids service current
New Bilstein front struts and rear shocks
Brand new Michelin tires
New ABS wheel sensors

~Dually- This van is a 3500 dually capable of towing any trailer, or pulling more gear without worrying about weight capacity
~Rhino Lining- This van is professionally sprayed with Rhino lining on the exterior providing a more rugged lower 1/4 as well as providing a sleek look.
~Back up camera and proximity sensors-to assist with backing up
~Remote start
~EGR delete kit- This removes the need to clean or replace DPF filters increasing the durability and life of the motor.
~T slot window- On the driver side a T slot window is installed to allow for easy ventilation while cooking
~Touch entertainment screen with Apple Car Play and Bluetooth calling
~Very well maintained with impeccable service history, CARFAX report available upon request

Climate Control
~Tiger foam fast rising closed cell foam- This insulation has an R value of 7 and is the moisture barrier. Its closed cell foam chemistry allows for an increase of structural strength for the body of the van.
~Espar S2 D2L- This unit is the top of the line diesel heater from Espar. It pulls directly from the diesel tank providing efficient and ample heating in all conditions. ~With the smart controller and altitude sensor this heating unit paired with the insulation will help keep the van comfortable.
~Maxxfan Deluxe- This remote controlled fan is perfect for venting hot air out of the van in the summer or providing ventilation while cooking. With the capability to pull air in or out and keep the vent open in the rain this fan has become a staple for high end van vents.
~Waterproof floors- The Lifeproof floors are a waterproof floor meant to handle the abuse van life will bring. From bringing muddy boots in from a hike or sand from the ocean they are meant to last.

~Custom epoxy countertops- Epoxy counter tops are very strong, durable, and light countertop. They are waterproof, and heat resistant.
~Fold up tables- There are 2 fold up epoxy counter tops that increase the counterspace. One extends off the sink in the side opening for a good spot to host meals, sit in the swivel chair to work, eat, or increase the space to do dishes. The second table is a perfect place for 2 people to enjoy a meal while in the cabin of the van.
~Fridge- The Dometic CFX3 75DZ is a top of the line high efficiency dual zone fridge freezer. This fridge is bluetooth/WiFi controlled, durable, efficient, and modular. The top loading nature of it allows for more food to be stored while remaining very efficient.
~Cooktop/Stove- This van is equipped with a Ramblewood 2 burner (gc2 37p) propane stove. Highly efficient and powerful burners for any vanlife cooking needs.
~Automatic locking latches with soft close drawer slides.
~400watts of solar
~200Ah of BattleBorn LiFePO4 batteries.
~Victron 2000w multiplus inverter/charger- This inverter has a very low idle draw allowing it to remain always on without draining the battery.
~Renegy 40Ah DC/DC charger
~Victron 100/30 solar control charger- Bluetooth controlled solar control charger to monitor power brought in via solar right on your phone
~Victron smart shunt- Allows for phone monitoring of the battery status
~3 CHARGING methods- This van allows for 3 methods of powering the batteries. Solar, an easy to use shore plug in, and the DC/DC charger charges the batteries while the van is running.
~Easy to access electrical control center for quick and easy access without getting out of the van
~Water system
~34 gallons of fresh water capacity
~30 gallon fresh tank
~Water heater- 4 gallon Bosch electric water heater
~Water pump-Shurflo 4008 on demand water pump allows the pump to always remain on and seamless. No need to turn off and on for every use.

Shower/Wet room
~With a push of the button the bed folds up revealing an epoxy wall with a full standing shower. Equipped with a thermostatic water mixer and rv style shower head. This shower allows you to set the temperature you like and leave it. No wasting water trying to make it just right. Simply set and forget. Coated with a waterproof finish and easy to put up shower curtain this shower provides plenty of room making it feel like a true shower. In the closed position this area acts as a drying place for wet gear to avoid mold.

~Electric control- This bed is designed to electronically be converted into a couch facing out, and a couch facing in. With the touch of a button linear actuators control the movement of either side of the bed which can be controlled while on the bed or in the main cabin.
~Bedside storage- On each side of the bed there are 3 cubbies that can be used for more storage
~Charging- AC/DC chargers are accessible from the bed for charging phones/laptops/ and other devices.
~Queen sized (68”x54”) gel memory foam mattress with a waterproof cover to protect it from moisture and the dirty van environment

~Designed to fit mountain bikes of all sizes with a clearance of 36”.
waterproof wet area for drying gear
~Access from inside to eliminate getting out of the van for gear
~Hose attachment for washing off mountain bikes, dogs, or other gear. Can be used for an outside shower as well
~AC outlet for electric bike charging
~Easily removable panels for access to batteries and water tank for maintenance

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