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, California
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, California
65,000 Miles
Last Modified May 20, 2024

This van was designed and built by me 🙂 I've been professionally building campervans for 4 years now and designed this van to be a home for my girlfriend and I. Unfortunately, some health issues came up and we were unable to hit the road in our dream tiny home. This van was designed to house 2 people with all living needs met and loads and loads of storage.

I also filmed this whole van build to put together my online masterclass on Van Building (link below). I now teach others to build out their own campers. If you are interested in purchasing the van and would like access to my program to see all of my tutorials on this van, please let me know.

120w solar panel
100 amp/hour battery
1200 watt inverter
30 amp shore power plug
3 110v outlets (1 shore only)
Alternator charging system that charges the battery when car is on
This whole electrical system was designed and installed by AMSolar in Oregon.

Fully insulated with $800 worth of Havelock Wool in floor, ceiling, walls, and door panels. I've camped in 10 degree weather and slept comfortably with a 70 degree temperature on the inside with the heater barely running throughout the night once we were up to temp. Fully custom, insulated, and blackout window covers to fit each window as well.

There is a Propex propane heater mounted underneath the van that is thermostat controlled.
Maxair 10 speed fan mounted on roof.
Additional rear heat and AC fully functional when the car is on
360 degree LED lights are mounted on the roof as well for off-roading or patio lighting.

Propane powered 2 burner stove and oven.

(Propane tank is properly sealed and safely stored to feed both the heater and stove/oven)

Electric powered, large fridge and freezer by Whynter.

Compocloset compostable toilet

XXL Thule storage box on roof ($1400) and telescopic ladder included.

When the full bed is made it is in-between a Queen and King size (had to trim a King size to fit).

Outdoor shower tent (with poles) and shower bag included.

15 gallon fresh water tank for sink
5 gallon grey tank that is switch controlled from the inside

10 ply tires and chains included.

All maintenance is up to date, and it was freshly painted summer of 2023 by an autobody shop. The E-350's are built to last up to 500,000 miles.

This van was very well designed as I intended for us to move into it full time for 18 months. I wanted temperature control, comfortable sleeping, comfortable cooking, and storage in every nook and cranny so we didn't have to settle on what we could bring. This really is my dream van but I need to move on. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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