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New York City
, New York
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New York City
, New York
97,400 Miles
Last Modified January 5, 2023

2010 Ford E250 Camper Van Life Conversion High Top
Viewings are in Brooklyn (Williamsburg) NY – I cannot deliver

Equipped with all you need for full time living – I have been living in it full time for almost 2 years

97,300 Miles – Engine in EXCELLENT condition
I got a Ford E250 because their engines last forever ( google about it )
Oil changes and maintenance done on time (Once serious buyer wants to put an offer will go to a mechanic with you to inspect the engine)
New Ball joints and New Tires ( less than 4K miles on it )
engine 5.4 L V8 Gas – FLEX FUEL 15mpg
Van Length 19.5′ Height 8’4″
**** DMV – Registered as a Passenger at the moment. You can change to RV when you register if you want. Meets all the requirements
**** Because is registered as a passenger, If you’re planning on financing through a bank, the bank will loan you only the vehicle value (up to 15k) not the full conversion value *****
*** It was a commercial vehicle in the past, Banks also might not finance because of that. *****

Inside height – 71in

300 W solar Panels
206 AH LiFePo4 battery ( SOK )
Victron Tr smart 12/12 – 30 Dc to DC charger ( helps on winter when there’s no sun )
Victron MPPT 100 / 30 Solar Charger
2200W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Renogy Batter Monitor
Simple electrical system that works with the van – quality materials, have room for an extra battery if needed

Bathroom and Kitchen
2 – 18 Gallon Water tanks ( 1 for shower and 1 for sink, both on each side to balance)
Kitchen Sink with Foot pump to save water
Shower with 12V water pump ( Water saving shower head w/ stop button )
Removable shower pan
1lb propane water heater for the shower ( Water Heater inclose in a cabinet, with fan to bring air in and exhaust for CO out )
Refrigerator w Freezer (TruckFridge 12V)
Nature’s Head Composting Toilet
Shower can extend outside

MaxxAir Fan with Remote
There are 2 vents with an open/close latch coming from the floor on the back for air circulation
Chinese Diesel Heater – ( That thing works well, keeps the van really warm )
Well insulated – Thinsulate ( double in some parts ) + EZ Cool insulation
I use removable EZ-cool Cut outs and hard foam insulation on the windows and it works

Sofa bed – Bed 68″ x 73″ – Can also be made as a twin only so you have the space on side to walk
6 main lights with dimmer switches and mood LED lighting on side rails

Storage cabinets plus storage under bed – above driver – Pantry

There’s an 7 gallon Grey water tank for the sink.
There’s no grey water for the shower, I was going to install one but I just let the water run down on the floor outside and never had a problem.
– There is a removable shower pan for the Shower. *** I had made a temporary one, planning on making a nice looking one when I had a chance. I’ve been using the temporary one since. Doesn’t look nice but works. You can hold the shower pan by the front passenger seat, or next to the toilet when you are driving a passenger
– Solar is enough to change batteries during summer/spring – but on winter/fall when there is not much direct sun, the dc to dc works fine. my batteries are almost never below 60%. I use for lights, heater fan, Maxxair fan, fridge, water pump, vacuum, charge phone, computer etc … and always have power
– Strong frame with no rust
– Back camera – stays on while driving, Can see through windows as well, they are not blocked but the camera helps at night.
***** READ *****
**She is not the usual van – Not built the way the typical Campervans are build.
Due to being an econoline, the walls are curved so I have to be inventive with securing all cabinets.
Windows and other wood parts are not perfectly cut, some windows are a tiny different in size than the others, not perfect but work as a whole.
Also made it work with the shower, I want to let you know, its annoying sometimes having to move to toilet to shower but it’s worth having one when you need it. I could not live without one.
I tried my best to the least add the least weight I could to the build. I used 1/4in plywood and cedar on the walls. 1/2in on cabinet walls, They are strong and held together well.
Cabinet doors are light wood covered with fabric, that you can change in the future if you get bored of it.

She was build to work for me and it does, I wanted also to feel cozy and special like a cabin.

Because of upcoming surgery, work projects and moving abroad for a few months I have to sell it.
Its with immense pain that I let her go, It was my love project.

***What needs to be fixed in the Van
Tire pressure sensor light it’s on all the time. It doesn’t affect the performance, the tires and pressure are fine, Just the sensor its not working. Mechanic said it doesn’t need to be fixed, its ok like that
-Windshield fluid pump needs replacing, Low pressure, minor, easy fix
-The passenger door outside handle gets stuck, needs to open from inside sometimes
-Back door opens from inside only, outside handle broke ( im working on fixing that )

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