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, Arizona
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, Arizona
289,000 Miles
Last Modified February 6, 2023

Great news…we had a baby! Not so great news, our beloved camper van cannot hold the baby so we’re selling it.

You can travel in it or you can rent out for passive income. My traveling, nomadic life is changing now that I have a baby – so my change could be your adventure!

Consider this van as one of two things:

1. If you are ready for a life on the road, this fully converted sprinter van has all you’ll need to live anywhere you want. It’s solar powered, has a shower, compostable toilet, storage places and more! I’ll tell you more about the van below. What matters is that you can take your life on the road in this – I know because I’ve done it.

2. This now serves as an investment for me – and could be an investment for you to if you want passive income. I currently rent this out for $200 (avg) per night, usually for 4-7 days. People have asked for taking it for 30 days at a time, too. I have scripts, instructions, and plenty of other tools in place so you can purchase this and rent it out.

Okay – let’s break down the van. Some of these terms may not be familiar to you if you haven’t gone down the sprinter van lifestyle path very far, so I am happy to answer questions to serious inquiries.

The van is fully prepped and you won’t need to do much upgrading if you don’t want to. Here’s why:

This is a fully converted van with kitchen stove/two burners, two propane tanks, a fridge and freezer, composting toilet, shower & bathroom, water heater, square bed that will fit two (we both fit and both of us are 6′ tall), diesel heater beneath the front passenger seat, and two seats capable of swiveling 180 degrees on the inside make it easy to get around with all you’ll need and still sit down for dinner.

This is powered by diesel for driving, but has much more than that. Four solar panels and 3 lithium ion batteries drive six outlets so that your devices are all charged up. We had coffee makers, tablets, laptops and speakers plugged in on our trip, and you can do the same.

It’s got a 60 gallon grey water tank, which will carry you from place to place for showers and hand washing and cooking. It’s got a great propane cooking rig in it too, so you’ll have what you need to pick up groceries and come back to the space and whip up a meal.

I had an entire maintenance upgrade done in March 2022 at Sprinter specialist. Fully certified, they did great work and it included an inspection so I could see if there were any other issues. None found!

She’s got 289,000 miles on her but as a well maintained diesel engine does, she runs like a dream and took us from the East coast to Mexico to Cali and back- easily has another 300k miles before more maintenance is required. We welcome mechanics and engineers to take a look under the hood-and verify this!

External AC purchased ($4k), but haven’t had it installed. I will include this in your purchase. You’ll have to install on your own or get it installed.

If you’d like the scripts, tools and business related, passive income oriented package, just ask. This has been a great income generator, requiring only a minimal cleaning when it’s returned (which you could totally hire for), and could do the same for you if you want it to.

The van is currently available for rent. I expect to sell within the next 30 days, so you can potentially take any renters that have future bookings if you’d like to do that.

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