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, Arizona
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, Arizona
95,612 Miles
Last Modified September 28, 2022

Alternative Clean Fueled 2012 Ford E150 Cargo Van Converted To A Mini-RV

This State and Federally approved alternative clean fuel / propane fueled 2012 Ford E-150 cargo van converted to a mini-RV is super clean inside and out, and with a 5.4L, V8, SOHC, 16V engine it rides and drives like new. Driven 96000 miles, this converted cargo van has been well maintained and it shows: clean Carfax, two owners; VIN# 1FTNE1ELXCDA07289.

This Ford E-150 cargo van was converted by the first owner to run off propane, a State and Federally approved alternative clean fuel; this conversion was completed by Roush Clean Tech and can be serviced by Roush Clean Tech dealers ( ). The 50-gal propane capacity fuel tank is accommodated inside the cargo compartment (photo) under the bed. The advantage of using propane instead of regular gasoline is that it is an officially approved alternative clean burning fuel, it is cheaper than gasoline when filling up: around $3 per gal, and it has the same mpg as gasoline. The US Dept. of Energy has posted an Alternative Fuels Database website and app for help in finding propane refueling stations (as well as EV recharge stations, biodiesel, CNG, ethanol, hydrogen and LNG refueling stations):

The conversion to a mini-RV was completed by the second (and current) owner using ideas and online guidance from Vanlife Outfitters ( Details are:
• A 30-gal freshwater tank (photo) is installed behind the 50-gal propane tank and the bed platform is installed over both (photo). NOTE: the sleeping bags and pillows bedding are NOT included in this sale!
• A Shurflo Fresh Water Pump and a Shurflo Pre-Pressurized Accumulator Tank mounted on the driver side under the bed beside the water tank automatically supplies water from the freshwater tank to the sink and shower and water heater (photo) when the faucets are opened. Optionally, an external mains water supply can be connected to the van to supply the water and a series of on-way safety valves in the system prevent the mains water from entering the tank (which could not sustain the mains water pressure! The water pump power is controlled from an RV Water Tank Sensor Monitor Panel mounted on the driver side under the bed near the rear van doors.
• In the event of propane tank servicing need, the bed mattress and the four removable panels under the mattress that form the bed base can be lifted out to provide access to the van propane tank and / or the fresh water tank (photo).
• A 50 lb appliance propane tank is strapped inside the rear inside corner on the driver side under the bed to supply propane to the kitchen area Dometic cook surface and the Excel water heater. This tank is normally turned off during transport.
• A Fiamma deployable awning is installed on the passenger door side of the van (photo).
• A Rhino Heavy Duty 15 Gallon Portable RV Grey Waste Tank slides under the drain pipe outlet (photos) when using the shower or sink (there was not enough room under the van floor to accommodate a fixed waste water tank, hence the use of the Rhino tank).
Inside the van there is:
• A wet bath consisting of a shower with a Laguna Two Handle Valve with Matching Hand Shower (photo), and a Lippert White 32” by 24” Shower Drain Pan, with a Thetford 345 Porta-Pottie mounted on the pan (photos).
• A slide-out ClosetMaid wire shelf storage rack for clothes, etc. (photos).
• A kitchen area with an Excel propane fueled vent-free automatic tankless water heater, Dometic Sink and 2 Burner Cooktop Combo, Dometic Coolmatic CRX65 compressor fridge / freezer, ClosetMaid slide out shelf storage unit (photos).
• A Naxa 12VDC TV/DVD combo over the bed area on the clothing and oddments shelf (photo).
• A Garmin RV 890 GPS Navigator with preloaded campgrounds, custom routing and more (photo) mounted on the front console, plus a Garmin Wireless Backup Camera mounted on the rear exterior passenger side corner of the van (photo).
• Two parallel connected Renogy 12V 100Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries mounted under the passenger side of the bed (photo), for powering all the internal camper appliances and USB outlets that were added. No appliances (other than the Garmin navigator) or power sockets are connected to the main van electrical system or battery!
• On the roof of the van are two Renogy 100-Watt 12 VDC solar panels (photos) to charge the two internal van batteries through a Renogy 30A PWM battery charge controller mounted on the passenger side under the bed (photo). At night there is the option of connecting the van to an eternal 110VAC supply and charging the internal van batteries through the Renogy LFP Battery Charger mounted behind the batteries.
• On the rear doors of the van there are two Surco Stainless Steel Van Ladders and one Surco Ladder Mounted Chair Rack (photo) to accommodate the Rhino Grey Waste Tank (photos) during transport and chairs and / or a storage case (photo) during transport.
• A Maxxair Ventilation Fan is mounted in the van ceiling over the bed (photo). Switchable solid state light units are mounted above the bed head and the kitchen cook surface.

This RV includes:
• Full documentation and handbooks for all the appliances and items added during the conversion.
• A set of wheel covers for sun protection of the tires.
• A tie-down kit for the Fiamma awning to protect against wind damage.
• Accessories for the Rhino tank.
• Spare gaskets for the propane fill valve connection.
• Tie down straps for securely holding the Rhino tank on the rear ladder rack during transport.
• Cleaning and usage supplies for the Porta-Pottie.
• Ground peg hammer.
• Mains power cable for connecting to external mains power supply.
• Coax cable for connecting to external TV coax outlet.
• Portable TV antenna for use when external coax TV outlet not available.
• Water hose for filling fresh water tank or connecting to external mains water supply.

ASKING $18,000 OBO

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