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Saint Paul
, Minnesota
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Saint Paul
, Minnesota
192,740 Miles
Last Modified November 19, 2022

2012 Ford Transit Connect XLT

-Fully insulated for year-round travel
-Regular oil changes/maintenance
-New brake pads
-2 Thule bike racks
-ARB Touring awning (this was perfect for cooking or chilling outside while it was raining or if the sun was crazy hot and there was no shade to be found)
-Snow tire chains (we used these twice in Colorado and they got the job done just fine)
-Installed MaxAir Fan Deluxe w/ remote (dual airflow, works in rain)
-150W batter (charges while driving, enough power for LED ceiling light, fan, and all electronic devices)
-Full size mattress with memory foam and cooling technology (used 6 months, no flaws)
-Steering wheel cover
-Seat covers & cushions
-Window sun reflectors
-Willing to replace the tires
-Selling because we need the money
-$9,500 OBO
-Possibly willing to deliver

This van was a perfect traveler for our low maintenance needs. The gas mileage is great (compared to a lot of big rigs) and finding free parking every night with an incredible view is easy! This stealthy build has plenty of added storage making it easy to take everything with you on your travels. As two people we had year round wardrobe, a guitar, skiis/snowboard, bikes, climbing gear, hobby supplies, cooking gear, cooler, a huge bin of food, and a bunch of other random things. We traveled about 20,000 miles all around the United States in it for 6 months. It was a total champ taking us pretty much everywhere we wanted to go. About halfway through the trip we had to replace the throttle body. Other than that, it had absolutely no problems. Unfortunately the motor in the passenger side window did go out so that window cannot be rolled up and down. I think it is maybe a couple hundred bucks to get that fixed but it never bothered us enough to fix it. We did replace the brake pads after the trip. More recently, we drove it around 2,000 miles in Ontario for 3 weeks. Absolutely no problems other than a flat tire, easily swapped and we were on our way. The van needs all new tires (or at least a spare for sure!) before it can go on another big adventure. I’m willing to replace the tires if someone is interested, just don’t want to do it unnecessarily. Hoping to sell now because it is still in great condition and we want someone else to have the opportunity to enjoy outdoor traveling the way we did! Plus we are hoping to build a tiny home to live in next and need the money from the van to take that step.

Price is negotiable so please message if you’re interested at all or if you have any questions.

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