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, Texas
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, Texas
180,200 Miles
Last Modified May 29, 2021

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The van is located in Austin, TX. I’m happy to deliver this van throughout the US for the right buyer.

I’m selling this beauty to build and sell vans full-time. This Mercedes Sprinter conversion is fully loaded with a bed, shower, toilet, full kitchen, marine-grade fridge, electrical system, water system, propane system, diesel heater, insulation for four seasons, and LOTS of storage space.

This build is tested for full-time van life. I lived in this with my girlfriend for 1.5 months. My dad and brother are architectural engineers who helped with the design and parts of the build.

Many vans come with TONS of exterior features. This van purposely has LESS external features like roof racks, roof decks, etc. Because the outside looks similar to a working van, you’ll never have to pay for camping. You can easily park on city streets, parking lots, and road pull-offs for stealth camping.

The price is not set in stone. I’m happy to come to a number that seems fair for both of us.

The vehicle is in great mechanical condition. I have a buyer’s checklist from Klingemann Car Care at 5635 US-290, Austin, TX 78735. You can call them at +1512892373seven and they can walk through what they found. I will share the checklist document with anyone who asks.


Year – 2012

Make – Mercedes

Model – Sprinter 170” wheelbase, extended, high roof, 3500

Height of van supports up to 6’3” person

3500 means the van supports up to 10,000 lbs vs 8,500 lbs with the 2500. These vans have a lot of weight with the build, so the extra 1,500 lbs goes a long way

Extended means an additional 17” of length. This makes a large bed and more counter space possible

Mileage – 180k – Sprinter vans can easily get up to 400k miles (do your research). Full synthetic oil changes every 7k miles.

Oil change and new tires on April 20, 2021.


Full kitchen

– Large farmhouse sink
– Pull-down farmhouse faucet
– Filtered water faucet
– Three burner stove
– Oven
– 55-quart fridge
– Butcher block countertops


– King length and queen width bed
– 8” memory foam matress
– The bed area converts into u-shaped dining/desk area with a large, wooden table on a swivel
– Back of dining/desk area creates a reading nook
– Each bench in the u-shaped area has a hinged top with storage inside
– Two large, rear windows with curtains
– Maxair ceiling vent fan with 10 speeds
– Two usb ports to charge phones
– Two-zone light dimmer switch

Toilet and Shower

– Airhead composting toilet with vent fan (no smell whatsoever)
– Two-gallon liquids tank
– Composting solids tank
– Tankless propane hot shower (hot shower within 5 seconds of turning on)
– Self-cleaning retractable shower door
– Shampoo, conditioner, body wash dispenser

Full Electrical System

– Solar panels – 400 watts
– Lithium battery bank – 200 amp hours
– Alternator charger (batteries charge while you drive)
– Shore power hook up (plug into RV or household outlets)
– 1500 watt inverter (for household 120V appliances)

Brand New Stereo System

– Two front 5” speakers
– Two tweeters
– Two rear 6.5” speakers
– Amplifier

Electrical Appliances

– HEATED FLOOR system with thermostat (this is HUGE for cold mornings and stepping out of the shower)
– Diesel heater with thermostat for temp control
– 11 recessed LED lights with dimmer switch
– Weboost cellphone booster
– 55-quart fridge
– Two 12V USB ports in the bed area
– 12V outlet
– 12V fan
– Smoke and carbon monoxide detector

Water System

– 30-gallon freshwater tank
– 15-gallon gray water tank
– Full plumbing with water pump, shutoff valves, pex piping from water tank to faucets/shower, and piping to gray water tank under the van
– Hose to fill water tank

Propane System
– 20-gallon propane tank beneath the sink
– Propane supports the stove, oven, and hot shower
– Pressure gauge and two-stage propane regulator


– Sound deadening applied to the entire floor and walls
– Foam board and soft insulation covering all walls, floor, ceiling, and doors
– Wood paneling on all walls, ceiling, and doors
– Laminate floor


– Floor to ceiling storage unit with a large drawer for the fridge. Clothing fits nicely into the next deep drawer and upper cabinets
– Hinged tops for all u-shaped seating benches in back
– Large “garage” space underneath bed area that holds camping gear, firewood, camping chairs, bike, etc.
– Cabinets in the kitchen for all dishes, pots, pans, silverware, etc.

Added Products

– 12v heated blanket
– 12v water heater for tea/coffee
– 12v vacuum
– cutting board that fits above the sink
– drying rack that fits above the sink

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