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, Pennsylvania
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, Pennsylvania
141,000 Miles
Last Modified July 24, 2023

I’m selling my sprinter camper van and am located near Philadelphia. I converted it in 2019, and did some remodeling recently. There is lots of space in this van for both storage and to walk around in. There is a free aisle all the way from the front of the van out the back, which is great for keeping you from feeling too tight on space. That being said, the extra space can easily be converted to be used as either a bathroom or a bed extension.

For a full walkthrough, view my YouTube link:

Here are some details:

*2012 Mercedes Sprinter 2500


*141,000 miles

*Purchased and converted in 2019

*Well maintained

*Hasn’t seen too much use since 2020 (COVID brought me home), besides going to an occasional art fair. Has gotten routine inspections though and I just replaced the transmission.

*3X Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Panels

*COSTWAY 54 quart refridgerator/freezer (-4 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit)

*2 12V VMAXTANKS SLR125 batteries

*1 maxxair fan

*Dimmable overhead lights


*Had plenty of storage for me to live long term in it (longest I was on the road was 5 months). The storage under the bed is great for camping and storing larger items

*Overall runs great, and it passed inspection this year, there are a few things to note though:
*Tire pressure light stays on. The mechanism that gauges tire pressure is broken. This never bothered me enough to fix it because I could easily just manually check the pressure if the tires looked low.
*AC can be spotty, may just need a recharge, but I haven’t looked into that issue.

*The driver’s chair can swivel to face the table

I love this van! Hurts to part with it, but since getting it I’ve moved to the city with my girlfriend and rarely get opportunities to take it out anymore.

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