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, Oregon
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, Oregon
299,000 Miles
Last Modified February 5, 2024

This van was designed with simplicity, practicality and durability in mind.

Plenty of storage in this 170” wheel base high roof extended 2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.
Diesel engine with 299k miles. Newly replaced Transmission and catalytic converter. As well as frequent oil changes, new brake pads, rotors and tires.
Running really well and smooth.
EGR valve has been deleted, to improve engine quality. Needs to be registered where emissions are not tested, exempt in Portland due to being a diesel engine over 8,501lbs.
With normal maintenance this van will go to 500k and beyond.

The interior build includes a full-size bed with the ability to modify to a queen. Plenty of counter space for included two burner propane stove. 10lb refillable propane tank under the sink, next to grey water bucket.
It’s a simple Home Depot bucket, and it’s the easiest to clean and use grey water option there is. The sink runs rechargeable and pulls from 5 gallon jugs below. This is for drinking, cooking and cleaning and can be sourced from anywhere you can fill water. Quick and easy. Plenty of storage for additional containers under the bed.
Alpicool fridge/freezer combo with option to have no divider and use it all for fridge space.
8 LED dimmable flood lights in wood paneling and well insulated spray foam walls and ceiling.
2 max air fans for maximum airflow.
2000W Inverter
2×200 watt solar panels
2×200 watt AGM sealed batteries
All hooked up to engine battery to charge from solar or the engine.
Plenty of outlets to charge the devices.
For convenience there is a compostable toilet compartment.

I bought this van 2 years ago and have loved the adventures I’ve had. I’m now moving into different chapters in life out of the country that no longer require this van. I’m hoping to find someone that will love it as much as I have.

DM me if you have any questions. Can meet in Sisters, 30 minutes from Bend, OR. Also open to virtual tours.

As far as price goes, highest offer, would like 44k.

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