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Los Angeles
, California
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Los Angeles
, California
180,000 Miles
Last Modified May 19, 2023

Custom-built campervan with everything you need to hit the road. Robust power system with 900 Watts of solar, 360 Ah of Lithium, 60 Amp car charging, and 3000-watt inverter to run almost anything. Even enough power to run the included portable A/C! A cooks’ kitchen with a giant full-sized 12V fridge and full-size freezer! Beautiful live edge olive wood countertop, copper backsplash. under cabinet lighting, deep stainless steel sink with pull-down faucet, propane water heater, 24-gallon fresh water, 6-gallon grey water, and tons of kitchen storage. Beautifully designed interior with convertible couch/bed and fold-out table. The 8” latex upholstered cushions are extremely comfortable to sleep and work from and having the option to convert the bed means you can work or entertain friends and enjoy meals, with the option of (almost) a queen-sized bed to spread out on! Tons of storage throughout including upper and lower cabinets, a large closet, and massive additional storage in the custom roof rack.

This van has a lot of features!

🚐2014 Promaster 2500 high roof / 136 wb
🚐180k miles 🔧rebuilt transmission at 145🔧
🚐 Brand new front tie rods, axle and Bilstein B6 shocks
🚐17 ft nose to tail, fits in a normal parking spot
🚐Cruise control, V6, FWD, back-up camera
🚐Rear windows, AC, Foglights
🚐Tires are Firestone Destination XT
🚐Tinted driver & passenger windows
🚐It must have been used as a construction van before we bought it, there are some dents and scratches but most are on the inside!

General Buildout:
🚐One piece vinyl flooring
🚐Insulated with pink panther foam board, cork & spray foam
🚐360 degree outdoor illumination with ten (Nilight) LED 4 inch lights mounted up on rack
🚐Running boards/step-ups on both sides
🚐7k weight rated trailer hitch receiver
🚐Front & Rear Sumo springs
🚐All custom cabinetry with birch ply
🚐Lightweight/easily removable wall panels made from hardboard
🚐Five 110 watt puck lights throughout
🚐Custom roof rack (see video tour link)
🚐Nine hundred watts from 3 solar panels
🚐Two 170ah Litihium iron batteries Renogy
🚐3000 watt inverter Renogy
🚐60 amp dc to dc charger Renogy
🚐100 amp Rover charge controller mppt pure sine Renogy with Bluetooth/app
🚐 Shore power plug

🚐Double bed – 8 inch organic latex foam
🚐Professional upholstery
🚐Bed converts to couch
🚐Two 12v bedside lights w/USB ports
🚐Solar “system” is under 1/4 of the bed
🚐Two large drawers under bed
🚐MaxxFan Deluxe w/remote
🚐Two large upper cabinets over bed
🚐Two cubbies that drop down to make shelves (to set a drink or laptop)
🚐Five (5) 110 watt puck lights
🚐Bunk Window w bug screen(AMA)
🚐Slider door window w bug screen (AMA)
🚐Cabela’s table storage unit – removable
🚐Zero Breeze portable AC with battery & cable adapter
🚐Huge closet with custom door that drops down to make a table over the couch seating or can rest on the end of kitchen counter
🚐24inch 4K monitor

🚐Two large upper cabinets
🚐Hooks for camp mugs and oven mitts
🚐LED lights under cabinets
🚐Copper & stainless backsplash
🚐Sirocco 360 Fan in black
🚐Electric Oven & Butane camp stove
🚐Deep drawer under the toaster oven
🚐Deep SS sink with pull-down faucet
🚐Gorgeous live edge olive wood slab countertop with walnut inlay
🚐Bunk Window w/bug screen (AMA)
🚐Propane water heater (EcoTemp L5)
🚐Sureflo 12v water pump
🚐6 Gallon grey water Gerry-can under sink
🚐Propane catalytic heater (Olympian Wave3)
🚐Giant 6 cubic ft 12v stand-up refrigerator (Unique) w separate freezer
🚐Large drawer for silverware/utensils
🚐Two lower cabinets under fridge & closet (one houses the toilet, the other has space and fits the trash)
🚐24 gallons freshwater in under-mounted tanks
🚐 Thetford 2.5 gallon cassette toilet

Other Bells & Whistles:
🚐Telescoping Ladder
🚐Pyroad portable fire pit
🚐Magnetic bug screen for each window (even front)
🚐Magnetic insulated window covers
🚐Six all weather totes for storage on roof (under solar panels)
🚐2 cab window air vent inserts w bug screens

Shown/delivered by arrangement. Please text Erin at 805.340.1060

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