Desert Hot Springs
, California

Desert Hot Springs
, California
94,000 Miles

Beautiful and spacious. The twin Murphy type bed is easily folded up and out of the way with sheets on. Legs swivel down and the 10 in memory foam is so comfortable. I keep my big map of the US on the wall behind to chart my journey. This van is great and continues to take me everywhere so easily. Front wheel drive has saved me from getting stuck and this model fits in a regular parking space so I use it as my car as well.Back up camera in stereo with Bluetooth and XM radio is great for traveling. Both front seats are comfortable and swivel. I had foam insulation sprayed on walls, ceiling, and floor. Two Max air fans and a small window that can be left open create great air flow. Fans have 10 speeds and air flow in or out with a setting to come on automatically if the temp goes above 76 in case I have to leave the dog by herself.
200 watts of Goal Zero solar panels on top that plug directly into the Yeti 1000 provide all my power. No generator, messy batteries, inverters, converters etc. Simple. Battery has 12 volt plug for Alpicool fridge with temp control, puck and strand lights, water pump, WeeBoost cell phone booster and anything you want to charge with 4 USB ports and two 110 plugs. Six 5 gallon water are easily transferred to connection to water pump. Also they will fit in the reverse osmosis fillers at grocery stores for great tasting water. Tankless hot water heater, deep stainless sink and extra tall industrial faucet with spray can be used for an indoor shower. 32 in folding dog pool with drain for a shower pan. 2 burner gas stove and water heater are fed by propane tank sealed in box under the sink with an air escape hole drilled in. Good all weather tires and front wheel drive. I continue to drive and have had no trouble with this van. I put over 32000 miles on her in the past year and a half. Click in floors and wood counter tops with 4 coats of poly. Fridge sits inside cabinet and opens from top covered by counter. Table on opposite end can be used for extra counter and front swivel seat work space. Outside has some dents. They didn’t bother me enough to get them fixed( hence my low price) it was a beer keg restaurant delivery truck when I bought it.

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