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, Maryland
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, Maryland
145,000 Miles
Last Modified February 13, 2023

Sprinter Conversion with Large Garage in Back
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2014 Sprinter 2500 170
Diesel engine
145,XXX miles

The van, with its AT tires, is actually a very capable off-roader and Ive taken it up some pretty sketchy trails and roads, and she always performed flawlessly!

Ive attached some pictures of a camping trip that took us up to to 8500ft in the Utah mountains carrying a trailer with 3 bikes on it.

Here are the pros and features:
– Large front bumper (provides excellent protection)
– All-terrain tires
– Side ladder
– Full size spare tire on rear
– Large, lockable storage box
– 25 gal fresh water tank
– 21 gal grey water tank
– Lockable port for filling fresh water
– Shore power port
– Large super easy to use pop-up roof tent which sleeps two
– 3 175v solar panels
– 2 Maxxair vents (one forward, one aft)
– Large RV style propane water heater unit access
– Front and rear facing AUX light bars (useful for loading bikes at night)
– ARB Awning

Interior (From front to rear)
– Insulation
– Fully insulated (ceiling, floor, walls) with R10 XPS
– Sheeps wool in many places XPS couldnt fit
– Spray foam to fill the gaps
– 7in Pioneer speaker head with Blutooth and backup camera
– Large storage cabin above driver passenger area
– Swivel seats
– Rear bench with seatbelts (seats two)
– Swing out table between bench seats and front seats to make mini table area
– 3000w Pure-sine wave inverter
– 4 125ah deep-cycle solar batteries ($300+ each)
– Victron MPPT charge controller with remote interface that gives state of batteries
– Battery-powered remote-controlled LED lights
– 1.4 cu. ft. 12v mini fridge
– Large storage cabinet next to rear seats
– Cabinet for hanging coats and jackets above fridge
– Water pump with in-line water filter
– Kitchenette
– Lower-power induction cooktop
– Sink with dish rack, sponges, cutting board
– Large storage cabinet above kitchentte
– Shower
– Thetford cassette flushing toilet (never used)
– Hot and cold water handles
– 1gpm shower head
– Wall-mounted soap, shampoo, conditioner dispensers
– Self cleaning, rolling shower screen
– Bed area
– 6 bin storage cubbies for clothes/stuff
– 6 in foam mattress cut to fit
– Garage
– huge garage area that can fit two large adv bikes / dirt bikes, + all gear, tools, gas
– winch to assist bike loading with long-wired control
– I use this on my 500lb bike all the time
– two large wheel-well storage boxes
– wall-hanger for hanging jackets / things on hangars

Ill even throw in:
– Insulated front window covers (super easy to put up)
– Front windshield sun visor
– Tool storage box for garage
– 1 gal air compressor
– Traction boards

The bad:
– Large crack on windscreen (doesnt affect visibility)
– Mirrors cracked (have new replacements on the way and will include if not replaced yet
– Dash has low tire pressure light, low windshield wiper fluid light, brakes light on, despite tire pressure being fine, it has wiper fluid, and brakes work great. Dealer offered to clear them but never did.
– Dash has airbag light. There is an airbag recall I think and you can take it in for free for repair
– Water heater is in place but just needs to be wired up
– Cold water works but there is a small leak somewhere that cause spurting
– Toilet is in place but just needs to be wired in

I live in MD and bought this van in NYC in 2019 and built it out with the plan of living out of it in Monterey, CA for a year. Well, covid hit and many RV parks were closed. I drove cross country and used it as my primary transport (along with my Tenere 700) I brought with me. This thing has been the ultimate adventure machine, Ive driven it coast to coast twice with no problems. Ill put a pic of of the back with many of the places and states Ive been through.

All in all, pretty easy stuff. The bed looks small but I (5’10”, 190lbs) can sleep comfortably back there and sleep on my sides just fine. Even my gf and I have slept back there comfortably all the time. The roof vent is right up there and keeps things very cool.
If you decide to buy, Ill give you a demonstration of loading and unloading the bikes. It takes me about 10-15 minutes for each, but I can do it by myself.

If you fly out, I might be able to pick you up from the airport or something, I live right near BWI (Baltimore-Washington Intl).

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