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, Idaho
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, Idaho
150,000 Miles
Last Modified October 25, 2022

Beautifully and professionally fully converted Mercedes/Freightliner 2500 Sprinter van. This is a rare find 170-inch WB, extended/max Sprinter van. It boasts a gourmet kitchen, renewable energy source with charge controller (no gasoline, propane or noisy generators), stargazer roof window over custom-made horizontal (and extended length) Murphy bed, Renogy pure sine wave smart inverter with battery bank, microwave, toaster oven, 120-volt refrigerator (with freezer), double-eye cooktop, Bosch hot water heater, Thetford electric flush commode, grey and fresh water tanks, shore water connection, 30-amp and (separate) 15-amp electric circuits (using 12 AWG wire), 12-volt circuits use 16AWG wire, cabinets and USB ports galore, fully insulated top to bottom and side to side, 3.0 liter-turbo charged engine gives 25 mile to a gallon (highway miles) and many other features too numerous to mention here.Other features of this 2014 Sprinter converted van:

Interior Framing and Finish

After RVing 75 days in New Zealand and Australia in a medium height van, we wanted to be able to stand up straight in our next van. I am 6’ 2.” So, we bought this high-roof jewel. We love the height of this high-roof van. So, as we framed it out with 2 x 2’s (actually measured 1 1/2 x 1 ½), we did not want to place the framing under the rib bar which would have reduced the ceiling height by 1 1/2 inches. Instead, we placed the framing material beside the rib bars.
The ceiling is made from 1-inch x 5-inch #2 pine tongue and groove select panels. The countertops in the kitchen are made from Northern Cherry shipped from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The counter edges are “live edges” and are also found on the window stools forward of the main cabin. All windows are also trimmed out in this northern cherry species. The kitchen was custom-tiled with real 3 x 6-inch subway ceramic tiles over 3/8th-inch sheet rock. All inside and outside corners are mitered and trim capped. The driver’s side and passenger side vertical wall petitions are made of the same quality material but stained rear of the front and painted forward of the main cabin. All cabinetry and doors are custom-made to fit and are of the same wood species. The floor of the van is insulated before we installed the water-resistant snap-grooved and durable top floor. The floor is scuff proof. The kitchen has two double door wall cabinets. One on either side of the microwave. The base cabinets are a 30-inch wide cabinet under the double eye cooktop, a 30-inch base cabinet under the double bowl sink and another 30-inch wide cabinet right of the sink. The cabinetry is painted green to match the accent tiles in the kitchen walls. The bed is a custom-made horizontal double bed. The length is extended to 80 inches to accommodate a taller person. The special design of the bed allows it to lay back (with the lift of a ladies finger) against the bulkhead when not in use and allow for a 31-inch passageway from back to front of the van. The bed is perfectly balanced. When down, the bed’s “stop” is the bench opposite the bed. When the bed is down, the area is a bedroom, when up, it is a family room, when the dining table is deployed, it is a dining room. Each room conversion requires about 5 seconds. The bed’s length allows for birthing without a headboard. However, a headboard is provided that allows attachment forward or aft cabin (to enjoy the scenery of a nearby lake for example). The door leading to the water closet is custom made of alder wood. It is trimmed out in beautifully in the same species. The lockset matches the nickel finish of the hinges, night-time reading light and knobs of the cabinetry throughout the unit. Opposite the bed and above the bench is a custom-built “overhead bin.” This was designed to accommodate frequently used articles of clothing, snacks and other easily accessible items. There are four windows in the van. One is a fixed stargazing window in the top of the van directly above the pillowed area of bed. This was designed to observe stars, the milky way and constellations at night. The other three windows are sliding side windows with screens. These windows have custom-made, hand-sewn travel fabric curtains for privacy. The bench on which the bed rests (or stops) also doubles and a storage box. It also contains parts of the plumbing system which I will address later. There are two stacked vertical cabinets aft of the bed capped by a custom-made enclosed half shelf. Opposite the bed, there are three-tiered shelves. The storage box doubles as a 6-foot bench for sitting and entertaining when the bed is not down. There are 3 custom made cushions on the bench with two matching pillows which provide comfort when having a meal or entertaining friends. The kitchen suite, custom-made curtains and bench cushions are color coordinated.


There is a 120-volt Magic Chef refrigerator. There is a 120-volt matching microwave oven. The unit also has 9-inch x 12-inch matching toaster oven and a two-eye cooktop. A 4-cup coffee maker comes with the sale. There is a Bosch 4-gallon hot water heated installed in the base cabinet under the double bowl sink. I will also count in this section the electric space heater and portable fan since they will come with the sale.


The plumbing in the van is of the same kind and quality that you would find in a modern American home. All supply lines (under pressure) are pex lines while all drain lines are primed and glued PVC lines. All fittings are brass, not plastic. All pressure lines, either from shore water or pumped from our freshwater tank, are connected with brass compression-ringed connectors. Every connection, whether at the hot water heater, sink or shower has a ball valve cutoff. Even the fresh water drain line to the outside has a ball valve cutoff in the inside to prevent someone from draining the freshwater tank from the outside. Of course, the freshwater tank has an exterior drain valve also. There are two entry ports for water. One is a SHURFLO chrome entry port for shore water under pressure. This port has a pressure reducer that reduces water pressure down to 55 PSI. This port also has a check valve that prevents pressured water from entering the domestic freshwater system. There is also another check valve installed to provide additional assurance that pressured water does not flow back to the domestic water pump and freshwater tank. The freshwater tank holds 20 gallons while the grey water tank has a capacity of 21 gallons. These capacities were determined to assure that (when starting a journey) a full freshwater tank cannot overflow an empty grey tank. The freshwater system uses a SHURFLO swivel nut water strainer and a SHURFLO 12v 3.0 Revolution Water Pump. The pump is rated at 3 gallons per minute at 55 PSI with internal bypass. We installed two 30-inch high-pressure flexible lines to fit between the pump and the plumbing system to reduce unwanted rattling and plumbing vibration noises. As stated above, the hot water heater is a Bosch product. It is the Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Tronic 3000 T “point-of-use” 4-gallon water heater. It has a 98% Thermal efficiently rating.

The sink is a Swanstone solid surface mount double bowl over counter mount sink which measures 25-inches long, 18-inches deep and 7.5 inches high. It was selected to compliment the gourmet kitchen ensemble. The faucet is goose-necked and has a swivel sprayer, just like a modern home. The shower is an external RecPro Shower Box Kit Faucet Hose with wand, shower head attachment hooks and external controls. We love this shower. It comes with a privacy screen and wood standing deck. While observing our country’s use of the “stink slinky” black water system, we decided to pursue an alternative bathroom waste system. While traveling through Australia and New Zealand for 75 days, we noticed how the Kiwi’s and Aussies were handling their human waste. They used a clean, sanitary, odorless and simple system. It was the Thetford Porta Potti 565E system. It is sleek, clean, modern and has a home like feel. It features a larger toilet bowl size, comfortable seat height and a battery-powered flush. It has a holding tank indicator level for fresh water and waste tank. It averages 54 flushes per tank. Also, included in the sale is an entry port adapter used to blow out/winterize the water system. Also included is a 40043 TastePure drinking water filter with a flexible hose protector and a 25-foot Camco drinking water hose. Included also is a 10- foot grey water drain hose.


The electrical system, much like other systems of this RV, it’s better than it needs to be. And here’s why: There are three electrical systems in this Sprinter; the domestic 12-volt operating system of the van; the solar system and the 120-volt system. The domestic system speaks for itself and is not unlike other Sprinter vans. But the solar and 120-volt systems warrant explanation. There are three solar panels installed on the roof. The panels are marketed by HQST (which are Renology panels). The total wattage is 390 watts. These solar panels generate enough energy (when the sun is partially or fully out) to run the 120-volt refrigerator, all interior and exterior lighting and all USB ports. The solar panels are connected and cabled down through the roof of the van into a charge controller. From the controller, wiring is connected to the inverter. The inverter is a Renology 2,000-watt pure sine smart Inverter. The converter component converts 120-volts to 12-volts. Built in also is an inverter. The inverter component converts 12-volts to 120-volts. The smart inverter is connected to the battery bank. The battery bank consists of two 100Ah Solar Wind SLA Deep Cycle VRLA Batteries 12V 24V 48V. These are non-spillable sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. The batteries are connected in parallel, not in series. This type of connection increases the amp hour capacity while keeping the voltage the same, 12 volts. The lighting is provided by 16 LED interior lights. There 12 USB ports in the van for charging cell phones, laptops and other devices. There is also a 120-volt USB charging port with a GFCI. Two of the 12-volt ports are ports are conveniently located above the bed beside the night reading light above the bed. The 12-volt system is wired with 16 AWG wires while the 120-volt system is wired with 12 AWG wires. Every 120-volt circuit is protected with at one GFCI receptacle. This includes the water heater, refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster oven and cooktop. I have electrically “roughed-in” wiring in the ceiling for another 120-volt device. I’ve wired in two separate 120-volt electrical systems. One is a 15-amp system, and the other is a 30-amp system. I did this because additional appliances might be run on the 15-amp system that wouldn’t cycle through the 30-amp system which is maximized/limited by the wattage of the smart inverter capacity. The following electrical male adapters are included in the sale: 15-amp to 30-amp and 30-amp to 50-amp. The female adapters included are: 15-amp to 30-amp and 30-amp to 50-amp and two heavy duty multiple-head 15-amp extensions and a 25-foot heavy duty extension cord. Included also is a 25-foot heavy duty 30-amp shore-to-van twist lock power cord.

Included also is the very useful CARLY diagnostic device which is made in Germany. CARLY is a scanner OBD diagnostic device which can scan, read and code the operation of your engine. This device can be downloaded onto your cell phone. There is also a backup camera, a backup warning alarm and a set of two outside LED porch lights. These lights come with both clear and amber lens. The roof also houses the Maxx Fan. Included in the purchase also is a portable air circulating fan and a portable electric space heater (750W/1500W). This heating unit has a tip over and overheat protection feature. Music from your playlist and world-wide news is provided by the Pyle Headunit receiver speaker kit. This in-dash LCD stereo, has a built-in Bluetooth and microphone w/AM FM radio system with (2) 5.2 inch speakers (front and rear of main cabin) and readers and a remote control.

A note here: all hot or energy wiring contains a protective fuse.

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