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Hallandale Beach
, Florida
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Hallandale Beach
, Florida
132,000 Miles
Last Modified April 18, 2023

I am 6’4 and have comfortably traveled the US in the past year living in this van and working full time as a software engineer. The van is in a great condition and comes with everything that you need to hit the road. I’m only selling it because I’ve achieved my goal of traveling to all 50 states and now it’s time for me to pursue new adventures.
Electrical setup:
The van’s wiring was done with great attention to detail. There are plenty of 12V and 120V outlets throughout the van, including in cabinets. There are fuses for all the outlets, ensuring that even if something with high voltage is plugged in, the system will remain safe as everything is protected by appropriate fuses. The wires are labeled and organized, and all joints are sturdy.

The van’s power system includes 600aH batteries, 350 Watt Solar Panels, and a DC to DC charger. This setup has never caused any issues, and the batteries are typically charged between 80-90%. Even on cloudy days, I could go a few days using everything on full power without any problems. There’s a Renogy app that tells you how much power is left in the batteries and other information.
The van’s lighting was designed with stealth in mind, and provides ample light. There are dimmable 120V lights on the ceiling with switches at the entrance and near the bed, as well as 12V lights under the kitchen and storage cabinets and under the bed. Additionally, there are configurable LED lights around the padded headboard that can be adjusted for color, brightness and patterns.
The van has two Maxxair 05100K Ventilation Fans, one above the bed and one in the main area. These fans can blow in or out, allowing for optimal airflow when used in conjunction with the Sirocco fan on the wall, which is highly adjustable and can be directed towards the workspace or bed.

The heating system uses a Propex HS2000 heater, which is superior to commonly used Buddy heaters. The Propex heater features two chambers, one for burning propane and another for circulating hot air. All burned propane and exhaust gasses are released outside of the van, eliminating any health or mold concerns. The van was able to maintain a comfortable temperature inside even during a winter storm when temperature outside dropped to 4 degrees.
Black walnut countertops with ample space and includes a Dometic CD-50, 50L Drawer Refrigerator and Freezer. I use InstantPot for cooking, which uses electricity, but the propane locker has been carefully designed to accommodate any other cooking equipment if desired. The van’s water system utilizes 5-gallon jugs that can be easily replaced at most grocery stores, with a total of 30 gallons of water storage in the back. There is also an option to install a larger water tank underneath the van, if desired
Vehicle Details:
132k miles
DIESEL engine
No accidents
Regular maintenance
Backup camera
6.8″ Pioneer Display with built-in Amazon Alexa, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth
Weathertech floor mats
New tires

Feel free to give me a call on 5154509853.

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