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, Arizona
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, Arizona
144,500 Miles
Last Modified May 24, 2022

Set off on your next adventure in this 2014 Diesel Mercedes Sprinter camper van. This van comes with everything that you are going to need to hit the road and enjoy your travels.

This is my second build now so I made sure that there isn’t a thing that you would want besides a shower and toilet.

Please Note: This is 68″ tall on the inside and is not 4×4, but it’s got low miles for a Diesel and is in excellent mechanical shape.

More Details About The Van…

Fully powered with a 250 watt solar panel, 2-400 amp hour batteries and a 1000 watt inverter and a shore power connection if you need it. You could park this van in a cave for two days and still have power!

Comes with a two burner stove that runs off propane. Great for cooking most meals! Added shelving in the main storage compartment under the counter leaves room for all of your pots, pans, cups plates and bowls.

The back of this van can be as a bed or converted into a booth for eating, working or playing games. The bed measures about 6′ X 6′ so it fits most adults but if you’re taller you can still sleep comfortable facing from front to back.

Plenty of storage for clothes, food or whatever else you want to bring on the trip. There is a large cabinet underneath of the kitchen counter, two large storage boxes underneath of the bed/booth in the back and two larger sized tool box storage containers on the roof.

Comes with a Dometic refrigerator and freezer combo. Able to hold a few days worth of food for a few people.

Well maintained and kept in great shape. Since this van has a diesel engine you can consider it not even really broke in yet. The entire exhaust system has also been replace due to a EPA recall 6 months ago so most of the engine and exhaust components are now under a transferable warranty for another 4 years. It also has after market lifted fox shocks and off-roading tires for more clearance on those rougher roads.

This van has a diesel heater installed that runs off of DC power and gets it’s fuel from the gas tank. Simply set the thermostat and forget it! For hotter days and cooking it has a dometic roof vent fan that you can use to stream air into or out of the van.

Not shown in photos, but included with the purchase is a Samsung Frame TV and sound bar for streaming your favorite apps or shows when you have internet service. Van also comes with a cell booster for working remotely in more challenging areas where you need a boost in cell/hotspot service. Shower hook-up is in the back.

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