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I lived full time on the road in this amazing van for one year while traveling all over the country (from September of 2020 to September of 2021), and had an amazing time to say the least.

INCLUDED is a 500 watt Jackery Explorer power bank along with the Jackery solar panel charger that goes with it, the Jackery wall outlet charger, and the Jackery charger that plugs in to the van’s cigarette lighter (all 3 separate charging methods that can be used). The TV is also on a swivel mount that you can position to your liking, and/or have it facing the bed at night while laying down. Queen size bed (air mattress).

The van is insulated with premium wool which was the healthiest option as there is no chemical off-gassing to be concerned about, and it insulates better than the alternatives.

Also INCLUDES a portable 2 burner propane stove top that tucks away under the counter by the sliding door.

Also has full screens for the back doors, side doors, and front windows allowing for an amazing cross breeze at night with no mosquitos.

The LED lights dim and change color to whatever you’d like.

Runs great and is ready for another trip around the country with someone else.

May 2022, I noticed an intermittent issue with the AC. I have reduced the price to reflect that possible issue.

Feel free to inquire with any questions.

I just bought a house and no longer have a need for this beauty. Adventure awaits.


Additional information based on inquiries:

It has about 112K miles on it.

I brought it to the local shop (March 2022) for a check-up before I sell it. Of course none of us know the future, but there are no “check engine” lights on and it runs great!

The Jackery solar panel is NEW. I was having a problem with my original one, and Jackery sent me a brand NEW replacement!

Title in hand.

Cash or cashier’s check. If you pay with a cashier’s check, the transaction will have to be during bank hours as I will have to call the bank to verify the check.

Sorry, NO financing.

As much as I am in upstate NY, the Massena International Airport is only 3 miles from my house! Keep that in mind when you are thinking of the logistics of buying this beauty!

(The pictures are not as organized as they should be. It seems I cannot move them around.)

Thank you,

Bill (owner) & Joyce (selling agent)

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