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, Washington
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, Washington
117,711 Miles
Last Modified June 24, 2024

2014 Promaster High Roof EXT length
117,711 miles
Great condition!

This van is about 80% done, just needs the last finishing touches to get it fully live-in ready.

-4x100w Renogy solar panels (we bought the kit = panels + charge controller; this has been great even in gloomy WA weather)
-2x100ah Renogy LiFePO4 lithium batteries
-Dometic 12V fridge (front loading)
-12V puck lights with dimmers (it’s extra, we know, but it’s worth it!)
-Not pictured: 2000W inverter. (We originally installed a Renogy 1000W inverter, but it’s no longer functioning. We’ll give you the new 2000W inverter at time of purchase.)
-Ikea sink + faucet
-Iron chef stove/oven combo (heats to about 400F, enough for pizza, cookies, etc)
-Propex HS2000 (runs off of propane, includes thermostat so you can mount to the wall)
-Propane canister box (completely sealed, fits a 20lb propane can and has an exhaust to the exterior for propane heater)
-Maxxair fan (00-07500K model, no remote)
-Baltic birch plywood used throughout the cabinets
-Havelock wool used throughout — except on large cargo door and ceiling, we used 3M Thinsulate synthetic insulation (We also have extra and we can give you the rest for free if you’re interested)
-Box for composting toilet set up (this is incomplete, no fan set up yet, toilet seat is installed)

NOTE: We bought repurposed wood for the countertops and unfortunately did not seal them properly, so you’ll see in the photos that they’ve warped. These will need to be redone. No other wood has warped throughout the build. (Sealed with Varathane PU with 3 coats.)
The sink is unfinished. We planned to do a foot pump, but didn’t complete the project. No bed included. No water tank, but if you’d like two 7-gallon aquatainers, we can throw those in as well. These were part of the original plan for the sink set up, so you can have those as well.

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