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, North Carolina
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, North Carolina
165,000 Miles
Last Modified March 1, 2024

Vienna – $65,000 OBO
Converted Dodge RAM Promaster 3500 Ext diesel built out with a completely off-grid setup. Features a recirculating shower and hydronic heating system for endless and efficient hot showers. Solar and B2B charging for off-grid capabilities.

Vehicle Overview
-Diesel Engine
-165,000 miles
-16-18 mpg
-Front-wheel Drive
-Trailer Hitch
-Roof Rack
-Faulken Wildpeaks all-terrain tires

Repairs & Maintenance
-Repairs and maintenance up to date
– Van runs great

-Batteries: 3 100ah Battleborn LiFo Batteries (300ah)
-Solar: 3 panels at 200 watts (600 total wired in sequence)
-Solar Charge Controller: Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100V 50 amp 12/24-Volt Solar Charge Controller (Bluetooth)
-B2B: Renogy 20A DC to DC Battery Charger
-Inverter/Charger: Victron Energy MultiPlus 3000VA 12-Volt Pure Sine Wave Inverter 120 amp Battery Charger
-Shore Power: 30amp exterior charging port
-BMS: Victron Energy BMV with Temperature sensor
-Distribution Panels:
–Victron Energy Lynx Distributor with master switch and high-quality fuses between batteries and Solar, B2B Charger, Inverter, and Distribution Panel
–Furrion AC/DC Distribution Panel with fuses to all 12v circuits and 125v circuits.
-Entire Build used high-quality stranded marine grade wire and Blue Sea fuses

Control Panel
-BMS Indicator
-EasyStart Pro Hydronic Heater Control
-Webasto Blower Control
-Switches for Control panel lights, 12v Refrigerator, Composting Toilet Exhaust Fan, and Weeboost/Internet router
-Shower fill sensor gauge, on/off switch, empty tank on/off switch
-Fresh water tank fill sensor gauge, and empty tank on/off switch
-Gray water tank fill sensor gauge, and empty tank on/off switch
-Wifi System
-Weeboost system for boosting cellular signal
-Router compatible with cellular plan creating wifi system

–Hydronic HS3 D5E 5kw Heating System–
-12v Heating system
-Heater pulls directly from diesel fuel tank
-Heater provides hot water for shower and kitchen faucet and air heat for an all-in-one system
-2 Bunk windows near the bed
-One sliding window and one awning window

–2 Maxxair fans–
-Ability to operate even when the fan lid is closed
-Ability to pull air out or push air in
-Two fans and windows allow for optimal air circulation

Wet Bath
–Wet Bath Overview–
-Palisade Wall Tiles for lightweight and luxury look
-Black shower head and handle to match aesthetic
-Shower drainage System for showering on uneven ground
-Bathroom cabinet for towel/toiletries storage
-Nautalis Retractable wet bath door
-Slide-away Airhead Compostable toilet
-Recirculating Shower system for endless hot water showers

–Recirculating Shower System–
-No limit on hot water for showering
-1 spin-down filter
-3 house-sized filters (Big Blue filters)
-1 UV filter
-2 12v water pumps
-7 gallon water tank under van (water recirculates back to tank)
-Garden hose attachment for refilling tank
-Quick release hose attachment for emptying tank
-Tank can be emptied by a switch from the control panel

–Kitchen Overview–
-1in Wood Block countertops
-12v TruckFridge refrigerator
-Slim drawer for 2-burner induction cooktop (saves counter space)
-Under sink cabinet storage
-Spice drawer storage
-Utensil drawer storage
-Upper cabinets storage
-Large and deep undermount sink
-Black faucet by slider door for both indoor and outdoor use
-One 12v charging outlet with 2 usb and -1 usb-c ports
-Three 120v GFCI outlets

-20 gallons of fresh water
-Fresh tank gauge on control panel
-10 gallon fresh water reserve tank
-Quick connect for filling tanks
-Water filter between fresh tanks and faucet
-20 Gallon Grey water tank (under van)
-Quick release hose attachment for emptying tank
-Tank can be emptied by a switch from the control panel

–Front Cab Seating–
-Driver and Passenger swivel seats with -Lagune date table
-Cab area features a step-up for comfortable sitting
-Removable (van battery access) platform between seats
-Storage under step
-Date table can be removed and stored between back booth for extra bed conversion
-One 12v charging outlet with 2 usb and -1 usb-c ports
-One 120v GFCI outlet

–Living Area Booth–
-Two booth seats facing one another with electrical and heating components stored beneath
-Pull-out dining table on 500lbs drawer slides
-Dining table has flip-open storage
-Booth seating can convert to twin size bed using date table and cushions

Sleeping Area
-Full-size 6in Tuft & Needle mattress
-2 bunk windows next to bed
-1 Maxxair fan over van

–Storage & Charging–
-Small shelf for storing and charging phones
-Two 12v charging outlets with 2 usb and 1 usb-c ports over shelf
-One 120v GFCI outlet over shelf
-Upper cabinets for clothing storage

–Projector Setup–
-Ceiling bolt for projector attachment
-Projector screen hooks for pull-down projector screen

–Three Dimmable Lighting Circuits–
-5 matte black puck lights for kitchen and cab areas
-4 matte black puck lights for dining and sleeping areas
-1 matte black puck light for wet bath

Garage (Under Bed)
-One 120v GFCI Outlet
-Batteries and fresh water tanks located here
-500lbs slide-out storage drawer
-Telescoping ladder

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