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, Montana
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, Montana
180,000 Miles
Last Modified July 19, 2024

I’m rehoming my labor of love, Daisy the van.
I cannot express how much I love this van. I put all my resources I had into this build. The ONLY reason for selling her is the growth of my family. So we’ve swapped van life for skoolie life. We no longer have the need for the van and we are currently traveling and driving 2 vehicles. We are on the road while trying to sell the van. So I’ll try and keep the location updated.

A little about Daisy.
I got a diesel because the engines last over 300k miles and the fuel mileage is significantly better than gas. She is a BEAST! She can really handle a lot. She can truck up a mountain pass like it’s no ones business, thanks to the diesel engine. Plus, her mpg averaging 21 to 25, is unmatched to any gas engine van or diesel bus. I’m going to miss that… She has been incredibly good to me. I’ve relied on her as my daily driver and my home, full time for 3 and 1/2 years.
I built her out to fit my lifestyle, a single women with 2 big dogs and a cat, but she has a lot of room to accommodate some modifications for the next owner, if you so choose.
She’s already registered as an RV. So that should make the transition a little easier.
I replaced an injector the first week I had her. I replaced the fuel filter. I had the starter rebuilt and the alternator rebuilt. Brakes, rotors and tires are in great shape. She’ll come with various extras, like car fluids, a bottle jack, jumpers, etc.

I don’t want any surprises for anyone that comes to take a look. So here are some cons. She has a check engine light that comes and goes randomly. I’ve had this checked multiple times with the same code every time. It is just a def sensor which is either faulty or it’s just reading the over filled DEF. This is not concerning, as the DEF has been deleted from this vehicle. No DEF needed.
She has no A/C currently, she’s just missing the belt. I never use A/C so I never replaced it. I’m leaving that up to the next owner. Super cheap and easy. The drivers side button, for the passenger window, is a little finicky. It works going UP every time but you usually have to press multiple times to get it to go DOWN.
The “running light” dash light will come on, on rare and random occasions but it usually turns off very quickly. Ive not been able to diagnose why this happens. I’m guessing there might be a poor connection on wire somewhere.
Last but not least, the Parking brake is a frustrating part of these vans. I would say this is my biggest issue with this van. I’ve had the park brake adjusted by a mechanic many times and it always loosens itself over a period of time. I’ve spent most of my van living in the rocky mountains and Ive honestly just learned to make do with strategic parking on steep slopes like parking against a curb or something of the sort. Or if you travel with a partner, just send them out to put a chalk under the tire. Maybe you can find a clever mechanic that can put a permanent fix to this problem.

*Vehicle features*
– 3.0 turbo charged eco diesel 2500.
– 159in wheel base
– 2in receiver hitch
– Backup camera
– BT radio
– All Terrain tires
– CB radio

*House Features*
– Well insulated with havelock wool
– Tons of storage space
– 2 maxx fans
– natures head composting toilet
– 410 watts of solar on roof
– 206ah SOK lithium ion battery w/ built in heater and BT battery monitoring capabilities
– 40 amp MPPT
– 3000 watt PSW inverter (yes, its overkill but I intended on adding 2 more batteries at some point and it never happened)
– walls and ceiling are 1/4in cedar T&G, hand waxed w/ Howards Wax-it-All natural wax.
– 2 burner propane camp stove. Comes with multiple 1lb green bottles, an adapter for refilling 1lb bottles, and 20lb tank for refilling 1lb bottles. There is a great space that can easily be made into a locker for the large tank if you so choose to have a more established system.
– Diesel heater w/ fuel line tapped directly into the vans fuel tank
– 12v water pump
– stainless steel WaterDrop water filter
– 22 gallon fresh water tank
– 5 gallon grey water tank
– Passenger seat swivels
– 60L dual zone IceCo fridge/freezer

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