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We have decided it is time to sell François. It is a Wayfarer van conversion (wayfarervans.com – converted in 2020) in a 2015 Ram Promaster 2500 that has all of the comforts you need for amazing trips. It has a full-size bed and three seatbelts in the front. Sleeps two comfortably, but you could sleep three with someone under the bed with a sleeping pad—like a bunk bed. Excellent fuel efficiency (EcoDiesel), which means you’ll get, on average, about 24 mpg. Easy to drive and park.

Outfitted with a kitchen galley and a hand pump sink (room temperature water), a 5 gallon freshwater, and 5 gallon greywater tank. Also included is a single burner GasOne stove (runs on butane or propane). There are three storage boxes, one of which houses the cassette toilet. The ceiling puck lights are powered by a small Goal Zero Yeti battery, which can also charge small devices and charges through a 12V plug while driving.

Quick overview:
-2015 Ram Promaster 2500 High Roof (159”)
-126,XXX miles
-4cyl, 3.0 Liter Turbodiesel (EcoDiesel) – 24 mpg on average
-3 seatbelts in front
-Wayfarer van conversion (wayfarervans.com)

-Smoke and carbon monoxide sensors
-Thetford 365 Toilet (cassette toilet)
-Maxx Air Fan
-Hand pump sink
-5 gallons freshwater (please note there is no hot water heater)
-5 gallons greywater
-GasOne propane or butane single burner stove
-GoalZero Yeti 150 portable power station (powers ceiling puck lights and charges smartphones/small devices. Recharges via a wall outlet or while driving through the 12V car adapter)
-Full size memory foam mattress and linen to fit
-Please note that there is no refrigerator. An ice chest is used.

-Backup camera
-Towing package
-No windows, so it looks like a cargo van. Stealth for keeping it stored in the city, but windows could be easily added.

Accessories included:
-Mr. Buddy portable heater
-Step stool for front door
-Snow cables
-Leveling blocks
-Waterhog floor mats
-Solar shade for front windows
-Solar lantern
-Removable front window inserts for ventilation with security
-2 rocky mountain bike fork mounts in “garage”

Maintenance Information:
I purchased the van in 2020 and have all of the maintenance records. Here is a summary of repairs/maintenance I’ve had done:
-All new tires
-Replaced battery
-Replaced engine thermostat
-Replaced water pump
-Replaced upper radiator hose
-Resurfaced cylinder head and replaced cylinder head gasket
-Replaced coolant reservoir
-Replaced clutch (automated manual transmission – no shifting required)
-Cleaned Diesel Particulate Filter
***FYI there is a small oil leak. I put in 1/2 quart every ~2,000-3,000 miles. Not really an issue, just something to keep an eye on.

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