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San Diego
, California
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San Diego
, California
52,600 Miles
Last Modified October 16, 2021

Price Negotiable

-Dark Grey upholstery
-Power windows and locks
-Multifunction steering wheel
-Cruise Control
-Reverse camera (factory not working, but installed aftermarket does)

-Aluminess Rear Ladder and Galley Box with added Rail (installed at Aluminess)
-AO Fox 2.0 Rear shocks installed and tuned at Agile Offroad
-1Up Bike rack, vertically mounted
-Tire upgrade after purchase, BFG Commercial T/A 215/85-16 Full set (7)

Van conversion was done by SDcampervans
-Dinette/Bed Layout Design using Lagun mounting system
-Lizard Skin Insulation
-Lonseal Brand Flooring
-Formica Laminated Wall Paneling, Upper Cabinetry, and Lower Cabinetry -Shiplap Ceiling
-Builder Oak Countertops
-2 Maxxair Remote Control Fan/Vent
-“Child Safe” Magnetic Cabinetry Door locks + Mitered Edges
-Recessed LED lighting with Dimming Capabilities
-Driver and Passenger Seat Swivel installed
-Rolef Side and Rear Bug screens Fitted at Rolef (Laval, QC)
-Full set of Insulated Window and Fan Covers Moohah Creatives

-TruckFridge 12V Refridgerator (4.6 cubic feet)
-10 gal Fresh Water tank and 5 gal Grey Water Tank
-On-demand Electrical Water Pump and Stainless Steel Sink with Soap Dispenser
-Camplux Outdoor Heated Shower Portable unit
-Nature’s Head Compostable toilet
-Cabbunk bunk bed system for kids
-small safe

-3x100W solar panels
-Renogy 2000W inverter
-2x100AH lithium ion battery bank
-Shore power Plug-in
-115v Outlets with USB Adaptors

Known Flaws
-Speakers on rear doors and OEM rear camera don’t work since conversion was done.
-Passenger Side mirror covering had scratches at time of purchase
-Driver door has a slightly different shade of grey than the rest of the vehicle. The paint surface also feels grainy when you run your hand over it. The Carfax reported a clean title but after discussing with my mechanic, it was explained to me that repairs to fleet vehicles that should be noted on any report don’t always get listed. I have not noticed any issues with performance, handling, or safety in our time of ownership
-Hill Assist/ABS/Traction control randomly turn on and off when driving. I haven’t noticed any of the systems failing while driving. Other owners on Transit Forums online have discussed the same issue with no universal fix. I had discussed this with the Ford Dealer during the recall appointment. They said it wasn’t an issue so long as I wasn’t experiencing any issues when the lights come on. I was very nervous at first when this happened, but in 23k miles of driving all over the country, there haven’t been any issues.

Recent Service History
Oil change and Service have been performed every 3k-5k miles. Spare tire has been rotated with front tires during most service appointments to maintain proper ware. There were two manufacturer recalls that have been rectified (one in San Diego, one in Toronto). All paperwork is accounted for and available for viewing. During our last inspection of the van with our local mechanic, a torque-converter issue was discovered and repaired. Comes with a 24k mile warranty on the work that passes on to the new owner.

Other Items Included
-3 keys
-emergency shovel
-20ft outdoor extension cord
-GoTreads, foldable traction mats that double as a leveler -Small ceramic heater
-Single plate induction plate for cooking
-set of stainless steel cutlery, dishes, bowls, and plates
-2 ultralight packable camp chairs

Ownership Hx
Van was purchased from in Fountain Valley, CA July 2019 with 28,954 miles. The salesman said it was previously part of the commercial rental fleet of Ryder.

Seller Notes
In mid 2019, my wife and I took a sabbatical from our professional lives and went on a grand journey to show our two young boys all the beautiful places and amazingly diverse people that make this country great. We had the Rig built out by SDCampervans and named her Jubilee. Our travels didn’t disappoint with all the National Parks, Monuments, and countless hidden gems that were found on the road less travelled. The vehicle did spend 8 months in Canada but was stored in a heated indoor facility the entire winter. We are selling the van for a couple of reasons. The Van cannot be imported into Canada due to Ministry of Transportation guidelines and we are actually outgrowing the space. Our boys have grown quite a bit since our adventures began. What once was just the right size now feels like putting on a pair of shoes half a size too small. This problem isn’t going to get any better moving forward. So it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to sell. Ideal for a young adventurous family, mobile professional(s), or empty nesters with all the time in the world. A great turn-key vehicle that is perfect during these unprecedented times.

We would prefer an in-person sale of our vehicle with a verified certified checks or money orders with the financial institution where they were issued. Personal checks or foreign money orders will not be accepted. Price negotiable.

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