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Fort Collins
, Colorado
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Fort Collins
, Colorado
130,000 Miles
Last Modified December 20, 2023

Unique DIY Build 2021(Fully, Fine-Finished) – Bavarian-farmhouse/Bee-Hive/Steam-Punk/Nautical themes.

~ Why I’m Selling my Baby: I have lived out of my van off-and-on for 3 years now(mostly in Colorado and Washington state). My partner and I, plus our 75lb Goldendoodle have lived and worked out of this for the past year in Fort Collins, CO. We both have stationary jobs in healthcare, here. So, I am selling my pandemic project to help fund the next chapter of our lives and paying off Medical School debt. I’ve spruced it up with all the additions that I wish I had when I owned it, so the next owner can really enjoy their purchase and new adventure home. Hoping to find someone that will treat it well and get the most out of it. I bought the diesel because of its ability to haul A LOT of weight while maintaining fuel economy, and they typically last well-over 300K miles when well-maintained. I am happy to give you a super thorough run-through if you’re truly interested! ~

“While diesel is more expensive to maintain, it typically lives another 200,000 miles than its gas counterpart, which could be another 5-10 years, depending on how often you use your conversion. In addition, the service interval for the Sprinter diesel engine is 20,000 miles while gas is 15,000 miles.” –

Included Features:

– Almost 130K miles – I bought it with 113,000mi from Dallas, TX for $23K(Clean Title/2nd Owner) – Build-Out Materials + Labor + Vehicle Maintenance are what I’m Calculating into price as well as Market Status.

– Avg mpg fully loaded: 18, 21hwy (3.2L 5cyl Turbodiesel – Flies up mountains!)

– Fully Off-Grid capable (3-ways to charge-up: 4-100W Renogy Solar Panels, 40A Renogy DC-DC charger, Converter – Shore power)

– 2, 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Renogy Batteries

– CRX-1110S Dometic 3.8 CU FT 12V DC Refrigerator/Freezer – Stainless

– White MaxxAir Fan 5100K

– Espar D2 Diesel Heater (toasty!)

– Havelock Wool Insulated(Ceiling, Floor, Walls: High R-value and Mold-Resistant)

– All Wood (Black Walnut, Cedar, & Clean Pallets)Stained with Hemp Oil or Epoxied(All low-VOC Paints and Materials)

– All Wires and Electrical are Marine-Grade Tinned Copper.

– 90% of Wood and Building Materials are Recycled (Local Milled Black Walnut/Neighbor’s Attic for Cedar Subframe/$3 Unused Pallets on FB).

— Big Berkey Gravity-fed Water Filter + 5-gall BPA-free, Fresh Water Jug

– Scopema Swivel Seat under passenger seat

– GoWise 2000W PureSineWave Inverter (12V DC > 110V AC)

– PowerMax 40A Converter, 110V AC > 12V DC (Shorepower Charger)

— 40A Renogy DC-DC Charger – Charge while driving(Vehicle Alternator)

– (2- 20Amp GFCI Outlets for heavy-duty power tools or any kitchen appliances)

– 6 CR Laurence Windows installed (2 Large Side Windows, 2 Bunker Windows, 2 Porthole windows in Rear)

– 6-New(2022) All-terrain Goodyear WORKHORSE tire size-upgrade

– Snow Tire Cables

— Rear Door Ladder to Access Solar Panels

– Stage 2 VanCompass Suspension package 8/2023 (Falcon 3.3 Adjustable Rear Shocks, Bilstein B6 Front Struts/Springs, Topo 2.0 2” lift-kit)

– 2-Burner Cast-Iron Propane Stove + 3gall Propane Tank

– Marine foot-pump Sink(5-gal fresh, 5-gal grey water)

— Copper Pipe Kitchen Faucet

— Copper Hose Nozzle Rotary Light Switches for main ceiling lights (featured in photos)

– Overhead storage with Gas-Strut Hinged Doors and Under-Bed Rotating Assembly-line Rods for Hanging clothes or rolling bed in and out.

– Insulated Winter and Night, Black-out Window Covers.

– Regular Maintenance: Oil/Filter Changed every 3000miles, New Radiator 2022, New DEF Tank Heater 2023, New Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF)2021, Fully flushed transmission/differential fluid 2023, New Brake Pads 2022, New Valve Body of Transmission(houses solenoids) 2023.

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