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Key Largo
, Florida
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Key Largo
, Florida
103,000 Miles
Last Modified February 14, 2022

Mercedes Sprinter 2015 Extended 2500 RV 170 Class B Diesel Loaded Executive Luxury Custom Off Grid
For Sale Call or Text (407) 349-3703 (No Spam or Scam please, serious inquires only requested)

*Willing to entertain reasonable offers.

Runs perfectly and meticulously maintained. 103,000 miles were earned while out adventuring the highways of the United States.

In this State-of-The-Art Mercedes-Benz Sprinter RV you will have all the comforts of home along with a Robust Tech setup to run even the most demanding executives’ schedule while on the go. So break free from your stationary office and get out and enjoy the adventures that await you while you come alive exploring the world in your Luxury Executive Sprinter RV. Large enough to host a King Size mattress while nimble enough to maneuver easily when on the go. Loaded with a Huge 2500 Amp Hours Lithionics Lithium Battery Bank, 1500Watt 6 panel Solar Sun Power Panels (250 Watts each – 31.5″ x 61.5″), Victron Quattro 5000W inverter charger, dual alternator from Nations. Radiant heat flooring, 12V Cruise N Comfort air conditioning, Full bathroom with interior hot water shower with Nautilus door and 60 gallons of fresh water on board and composting toilet you will be all set. Off-grid high-speed data package with 5G Antenna, SIM cards available from all major carriers, Apple TV and a 49″ curved ultra-wide high-definition Dell monitor. This is an incredible rig with enough power, water, and data to stay off the grid and totally comfortable and connected for a very long time while out adventuring.

Don’t miss your opportunity for this complete one of a kind custom build where no expenses were spared. A true labor of love where a lot of thought was put into the design to ensure you enjoy the comforts of home while maintaining the mobility of life on the go. Once you reach your next adventure destination you will also have a convenient fold out table to extend to the outside to relax and fully take in the new scenery. The terrain where you park will not hinder your night’s sleep in your comfortable king size bed. Thanks to the hydraulic leveling system, with a touch of a button you will be able to angle your bed to adjust accordingly to fully enjoy your rest. Life is too short and vibrant to miss soaking in all that it has to offer. Adventure awaits you with this Luxury Executive Customized High tech Off the Grid RV Build.

Full video tour here

Please see picture of the minor area under RV where when a jack was placed in the wrong spot when changing a tire, it left a small crease on the cosmetic detail of the undercarriage. Only seen if you bend down and look under RV, but it does not effect frame or function what so ever. Otherwise this RV is in amazing condition and runs perfectly. A true labor of love. This professional custom build was just finished but after an awesome job opportunity that I accepted, my ability to enjoy this as it was originally designed and built for has changed. No expenses were spared in this truly unique and one of a kind high tech luxury build. A true unicorn in the RV marketplace!

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