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, South Carolina
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, South Carolina
82,098 Miles
Last Modified March 24, 2024

A Sprinter with bunk beds and built for a family? Say what???
This is one of the most unique builds you’re likely to see. It is AMAZING!!! And this sweet van, nicknamed Chipmunk, has been the scene of adventures, laughter, games, and more. It is the glue that has formed the tightest bonds between my three kids as they explored national parks, historical sites, and everything in between from coast to coast.

Details on the van itself: 2015 Mercedes Sprinter 170” High Roof Passenger Van
• 3.0L V6 BlueTEC turbo diesel
• 4-wheel disc brakes with brake assist
• Cruise control
• Aftermarket Touch Display Stereo system
• Miles: 82,096 miles
• See screenshots shared with the photos for additional suspension and mechanical specs

Itemized List of Components included in build-out:
REC N-PEAK Series 330 Watt. 120 half-cut cells, monocrystalline module with MC4 connectors.
Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 solar charge controller. 12, 24 Volts DC, 50 Amps max.
Victron MultiPlus inverter & charger. 3000 Watts, 12 Volts DC, 120 Volts AC, 120 Amp charger.
Interface MK3-USB
RJ45 UTP Cable 5 m
The Cerbo GX – provides monitoring and operates as the communication-center of your installation.
The GX Touch 50 is the display accessory for our Cerbo GX. The five-inch touch screen display gives an instant overview of your system.
Victron smart battery monitor. 500A/50mV shunt is included. No display.
Victron busbar – 600 Amps, 8 terminals. Includes cover.
Victron Lynx Distributors
(Qty. 6) Victron 12.8V/100Ah 1280Wh Lithium SuperPack with M8 connection.
Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A(360W) DC-DC Charger Non-isolated with 3-stage charger with built-in Bluetooth.
Dometic CI21 Induction Cooktop
RecPro RV Refrigerator Stainless Steel | 10.7 Cubic Feet | 12V | 2 Door Fridge
MotorFansClub RV Hand Wash Rectangular Basin Sink with Lid Stainless Steel for Fit for Compatible With RV Caravan Camper Kitchen
Cuisinart TOB-1010 Toaster Oven Broiler
Eberspaecher Airtronic S2 D2L Heater w/ EasyStart Pro
Dometic FanTastic Fan w/ Rain Sensor
Rear Speakers in ceiling connected to chassis Stereo System – (Qty. 2) 5 ½” Alpine SS50 Speakers
Rear Shower
Wheel Well Water Tank – 20 Gallon
Shurflo Water Pump
Shurflo Accumulator

Build-Out Information
Full disclosure: I am a suburban homeschool mom who worked with an amazing team to build the van of my dreams. If I can’t answer your technical question, it isn’t because I am hiding something…. It is because I just don’t fully understand it. But I’ll try hard to work with my husband or the van builder to get your answer.
• The van charges from solar, driving time, and has a shore power connection.
• The front seats swivel.
• There’s a heater under the front passenger seat and you’ll be SO toasty on a cold night. It is amazing!
• There’s a fan back by the bunks for air circulation and it closes automatically if it senses rain – super cool!
• We have a ginormous fridge because those little Dometic coolers are a joke when you have three teens! The kitchen has a two-burner induction cooktop and a toaster oven that you can bake in.
• It has a super fancy touch-screen panel with all your electrical info. Do I understand all the numbers? Nope! But I know the thresholds we should be above and as long as nothing is beeping, I know we are good to go!

Hmm…. Other things you might be wondering:
• The tires are heavy-duty and have less than 3k miles on them.
• I took the Natures Head Composting toilet out before winter and I just haven’t washed it and put it back in, but I shared an image of where it goes on the pull-out under the bunks. The toilet vents out the bottom of the van, so there’s no small. It is easy to empty, clean, and refill.
• I have magnetic screens for the sliding door and back door. Enjoy the cool night air without the bug visitors!
• The garage drawer slides out on super-duper drawer slides to make it easy to find anything you need. We fit A TON of stuff back there – camp chairs, extra toilet compost, a fire pit, sand toys, deflated river tubes, the water hose, and so much more!
• The entire electrical system (solar, batteries, panels, etc.) was serviced in the fall to make sure it would be in tip-top shape for its new family!

Littles details that make this van amazing:
• We have a water filtration system! You can pretty much put swamp water in the tank, and it’ll come out of the sink drinkable. It is great!
• Seriously, how fun is the penny countertop?
• There are reading lights and USB chargers in the bunks. Plus, you can turn the house lights off from the bottom bunk, so you don’t have to stumble around in the dark to find a light switch if you’re already super cozy.
• There’s a built-in hamper for all your dirty laundry.
• There’s TONS of storage – including a giant pantry – and every door has a heavy-duty latch on it for safe transport.
• The outdoor shower at the back is super handy for rinsing off sandy feet or muddy kids. We don’t have a hot water heater (add one if you like), but it still got TONS of use! I made a shower curtain that attaches to a magnetic system on the back doors and it works great! It is in the garage and all yours!
• There are little custom-made clips on the cabin overhead shelf for drying your towels, swimwear, etc.
• The sofa opens up for an extra sleep space!
• We upgraded the sound system for family audiobook and podcast enjoyment while you’re on the road.
• There’s an after-market camera in it that gives a much clearer picture than the original and has a wider field of view. Even without the camera, the oodles of windows give you so much visibility when driving/parking.
• There’s an electrical outlet right near the door to power a projector for outdoor movie night or blow of tubes for river rafting.
• I found a slim propane fire pit that fits *exactly* in the “garage” in the back and it is all yours. Enjoy!
• There are shoe cubbies under the sofa and the doors have holes cut in them for ventilation. (The vents weren’t there originally and we learned they were a necessity very quickly! Ha!)
• There’s a WeBoost installed on the roof! My kids are homeschooled and have logged into online classes from super remote places thanks to that gadget.

Video montage:

Known issues:
• The DEF light has never come on. That could be because I am nervous about running out of DEF and top it off so often, but I can’t say for sure.
• As you can see in the photos, the body is in great shape! There are two spots I’d like to call out though to be as transparent as possible. There is a dent at the very top on the back doors. You can see it in the image where they’re closed. It was like that when we bought the van, so I don’t know what caused it. There’s also a dent on the passenger door that happened in a parking lot and I assume is from a shopping cart. Ugh.

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