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Santa Rosa
, California
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Santa Rosa
, California
105,499 Miles
Last Modified February 29, 2024

This is a self converted 2015 High Top Ram Promaster 2500 with 136WB that I converted myself with SO much love. I’ve been living and traveling out of it for three full years but have big plans that mean I have to leave it to the next someone who can give it the love and adventure it deserves.

The build has recently been renovated and fixed up to make it ready for sale but I do plan on doing a few more fixes before I can send it off (new windshield, a few sensor installs at the Dealership), but I’m eager to get it posted to begin working with interested buyers and am willing sort out pick up date with them, and of course to schedule appointments to check it out!

Build Amenities:

– Full Kitchen
– Three burner stove/oven combo
– 2.5G Propane set up (propane newly filled)
– CFX3 35 Dometic Cooler Fridge (36L capacity) in Drawer (DC powered)
– Three Drawers for storage

– Full Bathroom
– Nature’s Head Composting Toilet in designated Drawer, with vent and fan
– 33G Fresh Water Tank
– Farm Style 14″ white Virgo Sink
– Beautiful Black Kraug Faucet
– Outdoor Shower
– 7G Grey Water Tank Beneath Van
– Utilities closet for fire extinguisher/trash/etc.
– 2 drawers for small storage
– I installed a hot water heater when I got the van but it immediately made my inverter unhappy. Will throw in 2000W inverter if the buyer likes because I bought one that I thought might work with it, but never installed it. Probably 2-3 hour job but only because the angle is awkward

Living Space:
– 8in Memory Foam Mattress Converts from Couch to Queen Sized Bed
– Table on Lagun Mount modifies to bed mount
– Passenger Seat on Swivel Mount

Remaining storage
– 4 Overhead Cabinets
– Bookshelf
– Floor to Ceiling Closet with Drawers and Hanging Space
– Some extra storage in seat benches
– Under cabinet lighting

Electrical (fully installed)
– 400W Renogy Solar Power Mounted To Roof
– 400Amp Hour Hybrid Gel Batteries from Renogy
– Battery Monitor
– MPPT Charge Controller from Renogy
– 1500W Renogy Inverter
– 40 Amp DC-DC charger from Renogy (only 1/2 hooked up because I’ve never “needed” it. Probably only a 2 hour job (if that) to get it fully hooked up, wires already attached)
– Diesel Heater (runs of van battery but requires house battery for starter, hooked up)
– Heater Control Panel
– Max Air Fan
– Dimmer switches for overhead and kitchen lights
– Water pump on switch

Van Body:
– <15K mile Off-Road Tires
– Sliding Bunk Window, Sliding Door Window, Back Door Windows
– 105,500 Miles with fair Gas Mileage, maybe 28-32 at best (thanks diesel)
– NO AC/Heater (Broke a few months ago, lame, I know)
– Backup Camera
– Waiting for new Diesel Cap to be delivered
– Throwing in a Dash Cam and can throw in extra back camera if you’d like
– Phone Stand
– Radio and Bluetooth work great

1. I’ve had problems in the past with the DEF (Diesel engine fluid) system. I’ve replaced pretty much every major component of this system and invested over $5000 and weeks of my time into its repairs, so it should be good to go.
2. Dealership broke a fuel line while replacing the fuel line injector in the DEF system.
3. Dealership broke a NoX sensor of DEF system while replacing the fuel line injector in the DEF system.
4. Replaced leaky Radiator about 4 months ago.
5. Ever since I’ve had this van, it’s run well and it’s also been sensitive. It’s not a burly, pedal to the metal van. It’s a take your time van. It will hit 50-60mph going up steep highway climbs while you’re pumping the gas, and will easily go 70-80 on 70mph highways and has no problems with washboard roads and mild, slow off-roading. Definitely not meant for any 4WD off roading or steep, bumpy climbs.

1. I’m the second owner, bought it used at 69K miles from a Used Car Dealership, used to be a Fleet Vehicle
2. I have records of MOST of the service done, if not all.

I really, really love this van and wish I didn’t have to part ways!. It was a huge labor of love and it’s treated me so well. I would really love for it to go to someone who can continue its adventures and who will get the same amount of joy that it’s brought me over the years. Thanks for your interest!

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