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, Colorado
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, Colorado
57,500 Miles
Last Modified May 17, 2021

2016 Ford Transit Campervan
Professionally crafted by Simply Tiny Development! Check us out at to get a custom van build!

Because the beauty of you indoors should match the beauty of your outdoors!

Name: “Voyager 1”
$60,000 OBO
Location: Denver, CO
Recommended Functional Use: Weekend & Short-term travel
Not recommended for full-time living quarters

History &Overview:
-1 Previous Owner (CarFax Report Available)
-Dealership inspection vehicle reports upon request
-Center Cab Standing Height: 68”
-13-15 MPG w/ current weight and configuration

-57,700 miles
-270-hp, 3.7-liter V-6 (regular gas)
-Dealer Serviced and Maintained (inspection report available)
-Fresh fluid change and tune-up
-No maintenance issues!
-Brand new engine battery

Tech Specs- Electrical:
-2 Zone LED Lighting system with dimmers
-Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 Solar charge controller
-Victron 1200w AC Power Inverter
-2x Goal Zero Boulder solar panels- 200 watts of power
-Victron Orion-Tr Smart 12/12 Isolated DC/DC Charger
-BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor
– 2x 100-amp hour (ah) Battle Born LiFePo4 batteries
– 2x 100-amp breakers
– Multi-stranded pure copper wiring
-3V Rapid Charge USB Port x2
-12v Power Socket x2
-110v Duplex Outlets x2

Tech Specs-Vehicle:
-2016 Ford Transit Medium Roof Cargo Van
-57, 700 Miles
-Gross Weight Vehicle Rating: 9,000 lbs
-RWD, 270-hp, 3.7-liter V-6 (regular gas)
-6-speed automatic w/OD and auto-manual
-Clean Title/No Accidents
-BRAND NEW Cooper Snowcat Studded Winter Tires
-Used Thunderer Ranger Summer Tires
-Tow package with 2″ trailer hitch- 4/7 prong trailer hookup

Tech Specs- Amenities
– 36L Dometic fridge/deep freezer
– 4” IKEA Memory Foam Mattress
-Gasland 2 Burner Propane Range w/ 11lb propane tank
-Ruvati Sink: 15 x 20 inch Workstation Drop-in Topmount Bar Prep RV Sink 16 Gauge Stainless Steel
-Maxxair Deluxe 10 speed intake and exhaust fan
-Hempwool and Havelock Wool Insulation. CHEMICAL FREE!
-Fresh and Greywater 10-Gallon Jerry can system with foot pump
-Hike Crew propane water heater/shower (DC 12v)
-Hike Crew Powerflush Cassette toilet (50 flush tank capacity)

Garage Overview:
-32 cubic feet of storage
-27” clearance from the floor to bed assembly
-14 Sqft of open floor space
-1 Zone LED lighting with interior control

Your time is precious, don’t spend your life or money staying in hotels. Get on with your voyage and experience the freedom of having your own “base camp” on wheels!

This 2016 Ford Transit is LOADED with PREMIUM features that allow you to travel in comfort and style. This van gives you the freedom to see the world as soon as you close your laptop. Move from the “office” to the crag in just a few short steps! Looking to embrace the NOMAD way of life? Experience an existence of spontaneity that comes without worrying about a destination.


Sleek and open, this design will NOT make you feel CROWDED like most vans do. The layout of Voyager 1 maximizes storage and functional space without compromising comfort or that spacious feeling we all love. The red cedar planking throughout creates a relaxing ambiance and presents a wonderful aroma that pairs well with your favorite morning COFFEE or evening BREW! The garage space below the bed has ABUNDANT space to store all of your gear and outdoor toys. The handcrafted cabinets provide storage for clothes or camp kitchen supplies. Let VOYAGER 1 become a reflection of your personality—INNOVATION, QUALITY and LUXURY all rolled into one package.

Get Voyager 1 NOW

This is not your grandpa’s camper!

(I bet he will be jealous of you though!)

The days of purchasing high-maintenance RVs are gone. This van will LOWER your COST of ownership over a lifetime. How is that possible? By REMOVING the COST of maintenance, of course! The state-of-the-art electrical system controls how much power goes to the batteries and at what rates, to optimize their life and performance. Many companies will use or offer the customer an aqueous gel mat (AGM) battery bank system. These batteries cost a fraction of the cost of a Battle Born LiFePo battery but only provide a fraction of the power and requires the owner to replace batteries every TWO years. THIS IS A CRIME. Thankfully, we have found a better way, so you only replace your batteries every TEN years! Saving you $20,000 in replacement batteries alone AND keeping hazardous waste out of the environment! Anticipate years and years of consistent performance from the premium solar system found in Voyager 1.

This intelligent system requires ZERO WORK from you. Oh, and it also is Bluetooth linked to the Victron app. So, you can show all your friends exactly when it turns on, how much power it is providing, and what state of charge it is in #DATA. NEVER worry about running out of power!

Want to save money and live better?

Do not compromise your SUSTAINABILITY standards.

Is your health a priority? We think so. This van has been designed with not only your health in mind, but the planet’s as well. Say goodbye to toxic paints and glues! We used a beautiful VOC absorbing paint on the cabinets. That means less JUNK in your lungs and into the environment! Voyager 1 is PACKED with carbon sequestering insulation provided by Hemp Wool and Havelock Wool. That’s right, NO FIBERGLASS OR CHEMICAL INSULATION. How about R-Values? Don’t worry, we hand-stuffed Voyager 1 with enough NATURAL insulation that it exceeds conventional insulation R-Value ratings, so you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Email to learn about all the LIFE ENHANCING features of Voyager 1

As Momma always says, “Safety First!”

This time we took Momma’s advice! Voyager 1 has been built using European camper van codes and safety standards. We know it is only a matter of time before the United States requires the same safety principles as Europe. You won’t be worried about any changes in laws, though. We went ahead and took care of that for you! Now you will always have peace of mind that your van is safe for you and those ADVENTURING alongside you. Secondly, Voyager 1 was built to EXCEED minimum safety standards. Other companies will also use the minimal size wire that is required to carry the currents demanded by the electrical system. We think that you deserve the added safety and the best and most consistent performance out of your electrical system. We oversized every wire run in this van! You won’t have wires getting hot, melting, or causing problems down the road. Propane leaks? Not here! Our custom propane box meets CDOT travel standards AND European safety standards.

See what other industry-leading safety standards are including with Voyager 1

Unleash your naturalness with this custom-built camper van

We hope you enjoy our creation and get years of fun and adventure out of it. More importantly, we also hope that you will carry on our goal of sustainability and environmental awareness as you explore the world in this camper van conversion. Imagine the feeling of waking up in a new location with a renewed sense of purpose- EVERY. DAY.


Will the van drain power from my battery bank whether it is running or not? With this equipment installed it WON’T. This is like a one-way street to the battery bank. If they need charging, they charge. If they don’t then the switch is turned off and no electricity can flow back to the car. Again, Victron did it right and made this item completely hands free for you.

What if it is a cloudy day? How will I get my power? Don’t worry, we have you covered! A Victron Orion-Tr Smart 12/12 Isolated DC/DC Charger can sense when the car is running and will automatically turn on and charge the battery bank with power from the vehicle.

How fast will the batteries recharge?

The answer will vary greatly based on sun conditions. However, at a peak charge point, the panels will produce 200 watts of solar power. After a normal day’s use, you can expect the batteries will completely charge in 4 hours.

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