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, Colorado
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, Colorado
160,103 Miles
Last Modified December 11, 2023

2016 ford transit with a 2021 engine. Only 10,000 miles on new engine .

Inside you’ll find everything you could need and more.

The kitchen is equipt with a retro mini fridge, a two pot induction stove, and a deep sink.

Pull out table

Dry flush toilet

Plenty of storage around the bed, under the bed and all through the kitchen.

Twistable/ removable Mason jars above the kitchen counter and skin to fill with goodies or use as cups.

Outdoor shower with hot and cold water

Water filter for drinking water


Outdoor picnic bench with two slide out benches in the back of the van


A/C unit

3 200 watt solar panels

This includes over 28k of custom features:

– Custom van conversion with internal framing.

– Air Conditioning connected to separate (cabin) auxiliary system. (dont recommend using)

– Full electrical system, with 3 x 200W solar panels on roof. This includes power for the water pump, lights with switch, reading light, 3 power outlets, fridge, induction stove, and AC. Electrical system is in a secondary auxiliary bank that powers the cabin independently, isolating from vehicle battery when parked. *Auxiliary power can jumpstart car battery.

– Water System (Plumbing) with sink, faucet, water pump, drain valve, 15gal water tank, filtration system, shower (on back of van), and water heater (propane or electric).

– Custom Wood build covering the walls and roof. 2 seats at foot of bed, kitchen counter following bed height, storage spaces and hooks, cabinets over kitchen, rounded shelving over bed, collapsable table, entrance door swing, pull out table next to bed, and a pull out dinning table at back of vehicle.

– Roof rack + deck (for yoga practice and lounging) with custom hatch for easy access, and a spring loaded 53sq ft side awning.

– Extras include a wall separation from driver, wall vents for airflow, upholstery for bed and seats, and extra storage

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