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Oak Harbor
, Washington
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Oak Harbor
, Washington
108,000 Miles
Last Modified August 22, 2023

Meet Edna! A 2016 Ford Transit 350HD. Currently sitting at 108000 miles. 3.5l Ecoboost V6. Twin turbo with 310hp and 400lb torque. Rear wheel drive, 6speed trans with overdrive. 47.8′ curb to curb turn radius. 147″ wheel base, 266″ total length, 114″ tall. 6700lbs towing capacity, gvwr 10400lbs.

Now to the fun stuff. This beautiful treasure comes from Washington state. She has taken mountain roads, highways, stared at a volcano, conquered beaches, and accidentally bested a side-by-side trail! Inside you’ll find a fully insulated and sound deadening interior. Starting at the front, we have a swivel passenger seat. Then you have a leisure battery system holding 550 amp hours in 4 batteries. Shutoff switch, isolation system preventing drainage of starter battery and voltage readout. 120-12v 60amp converter for charging. 12-120 4kw inverter to power all your goodies and nefarious toys. Battery health monitor showing current voltage and output. Freaking sweet push button control system operating overhead lights, exhaust fan, fridge, water pump, USB ports, exterior flood lights. Moving from that shockingly great electrical system, we go to the shower. This steamy section has storage on the exterior of both walls, and a pop out shower curtain for extra steamy space. The sink and shower both drain to the grey water tank mounted below. In the bamboo ceiling we find the maxxair fan, and three independently controlled sets of white recessed lights. The kitchen has a huge Ruvati stainless sink so big you can wash a Great Dane in it!..for a few weeks anyway..the pull down faucet can be aimed outside for washing before getting in too. Then there is the birch butcher block counter with sink insert and drop down extension. Ample storage in 4 compartments and a tripowered rv fridge. Teak backsplash. All sealed with marine grade polyurethane. 5 shelf pantry, with pull out shelving. Overhead storage along entire passenger wall. USB charging ports recessed above counter and pull out bed. Speaking of the bed, you’re not the only one to pull out anymore. Made with 2×12, this pulls out the back of the van 3.5′ for accessing the storage and components below..or comfortably enjoying the weather. Under the sweet bed, there is the water system. 30g fresh water tank, 3gpm wildly quiet pump with 55psi, and accumulator for continuous water pressure. Heating the water, there is the propane powered tankless water heater with battery ignition. Turn the knob and water is hot enough for oatmeal instantly. There is also a holder for a litter box and kitty door under the stairs so that they can access underneath if need be! Built out to take all the critters with you on the road! The floors are waterproof vinyl plank flooring and sealed throughout the interior along corners to prevent spills from causing issues. Rough cut poplar lines the interior, on 1/2″ ply so anything can be mounted anywhere. Outside, we have 5 flood lights making day light anywhere you want. Great for letting the dogs run at the parks after dark! All lights are upgraded to LED so visibility to see, and be seen are maximized.

Shoot me a message if you have any questions, would like more pictures and want to check it out!

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